Ingrown Hair Treatment

You try to take care shaving. Yet, you find yourself with some unsightly and uncomfortable ingrown hairs. You need to find an ingrown hair treatment that can help you be rid of the problem quickly and easily. The good news is, there are several treatments to choose from. One simple, yet highly effective, ingrown hair treatment involves exfoliation of the skin. When you remove dead skin, oils, and dirt from the effected area, you give the ingrown hair a chance to break loose, and start growing in the right direction. Often, the hair will be pulled out during the cleaning process.

There are several types of products you can use for exfoliation. In addition to the over the counter variety skin exfoliation products, you can also use salt, or even olive oil and sugar. A dab of toothpaste will also work for small areas. Regardless of the product used, these ingrown hair treatment products make use of the same principle: they soften the hair, and they use a mild abrasive to help pull the hair loose.

Acne medications are also very effective as an ingrown hair treatment, though they were not principally designed for this purpose. The ingredients in acne medication can help to reduce the inflammation, which in turn helps the hair to get lose again. You can make use of either of the two most popular acne medications: benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Both work well.

If the area affected is small, there is a very simple ingrown hair treatment that can be tried. It involves making and applying a hot compress to the effected area. This technique works better for small areas of skin, because it would be hard to cover an area with a hot compress that is much bigger than a wash cloth. Take a cloth, and run it under straight hot water. Wring it out, and apply it directly to the effected area. Be careful not to burn yourself with the hot water. Once the cloth cools, re-heat and re-apply. Do this a total of three times, for a couple of treatments per day. Many times, this will be enough to solve the issue with a couple of days, giving you a simple an inexpensive ingrown hair treatment.

If you can see the tiny loop made from the hair, there is a final ingrown hair treatment that you might want to try. You can sterilize a needle, or a pair of tweezers. Then, try using the needle or tweezers to gently pull the hair lose on one end. You can run the needle or tweezers through a flame, but be careful. You can also soak the needle or tweezers in alcohol. Just be careful not to irritate the site even more, by poking too deeply or roughly.

With a little planning, you should be able to make use of an ingrown hair treatment that makes sense to you. All of the above mentioned techniques are effective and safe. If you have any questions, or if symptoms continue, you might wish to consult with a physician about other treatment options.