How to Care for Yourself after Scar revision plastic surgery

Scar revision plastic surgery can take a toll on a person. So what do you need to know about after care if you have scar revision plastic surgery done? There is plenty for you to do. Let’s help you to learn to care for yourself once you have gone through the scar revision plastic surgery process.

Normally, when you have this done they might have to put you under so as not to cause you pain. When you have the scar revision plastic surgery done, you might need a ride home. It would be wise to have someone at home with you the first two days after the surgery has been done.

The other thing for follow up care of scar revision plastic surgery is to make sure that you get plenty of rest and make wise eating decisions. Part of eating a good diet entails that you eat some fruits and vegetables as some of the medications that you are given might make it hard for you to have a bowel movement.

As we are talking about pain medications following scar revision plastic surgery, you should take these as directed. If you do not take them, you should not drink alcohol as this does cause fluid retention. Something else that you should not do after you have had scar revision plastic surgery is smoke. If you do smoke you make the healing process longer as you could have complications.

Depending on what type of scar revision plastic surgery you have it might be hard for you to go back to the activities that you normally do. Sometimes you can go back to work within a day or two. You should begin walking soon after the scar revision plastic surgery so that you don’t form any blood clots, but as you go to do activities gradually ease back into them so you don’t overdo it. Driving might be limited depending on the pain medications.

Some people wonder about the place where the doctor made the incision when it comes to the after care when you have had a scar revision plastic surgery done. You can take shower two days after your surgery. You’ll want to keep that scar covered from the sun for a good year after your surgery. As we said, keep it dry the day after your surgery. Make sure that you replace any bandages so as to keep it from getting infected. You need to look for signs of any infection following any scar revision plastic surgery.

You will notice that it might bleed from the incision. This is normal. You might also notice some swelling and some bruising, which are normal as well. Your doctor should go over some thorough details once you have come out of surgery as every scar revision plastic surgery is different. There are some instances where your doctor will tell you to call them if you notice some sort of change. This again depends on your doctor and that should be described upon the release home. We hope this has helped you.