Healthy Eating tips for Fantastic Skin, Hair and Eyes

Healthy foods can help with much more than a tiny waistline. Below we will highlight certain foods that will not only help you stay trim, but will keep your hair, skin and eyes looking fabulous.

Dying to get super shiny hair? Don’t want to pay all that money to get hot oil treatments? Eating foods that are rich in iron with give you not only shiny hair, but healthy looking skin as well. Shellfish, breakfast cereals and lentils are all a good source of iron. Vitamin E is also essential in getting that desired shine. By including sunflower seeds, olives and papaya in your diet, you’ll be sure to have the shiniest hair in the office.

Who doesn’t want healthier looking skin? Avocados are a great source of essential oils and B vitamins that will help nourish your skin. Got leftover avocados from dinner? Use them to make a great facial mask. Mangoes can also be extremely helpful in obtaining that fresh look. Rich in anti-oxidants, mangoes will help fight off free radicals – one of the primary causes of premature aging.

We all know the cucumber trick to get rid of those pesky bags under the eyes. Did you know that those bags under your eyes can be caused by a deficiency in essential vitamins and proteins? Eating foods like carrots, that are rich in beta carotene, will be excellent for the skin and eyes, and fruits that are rich in Vitamin C will strengthen the blood vessels and clear up your skin. Consider adding oranges, strawberries and even cashews to your diet to increase your intake of Vitamin C.