Having Lip Enhancement or Augmentation

Many people wish they had full and luscious lips but few people have them naturally. For this reason, doctors have invented lip augmentation or lip implants that will fill out the lips and make them look really nice. It is usually quite easy to recover from a lip enhancement or augmentation so that you can be back to work within a few days.

The Lip Augmentation Procedure

Doctors use lip filler or a type of lip implant to make the lips appear fuller. You can have your lip augmentation procedure done at the same time you have another facial procedure done, such as a facelift, chin implant, rhinoplasty or brow lift. Both men and women are good candidates for lip augmentation surgery.

Who is a good Candidate?

If you are a person who wants fuller lips, you are a good candidate for having this procedure done. Those who have wrinkles above the lips can have an augmentation and can look considerably better.

Costs of Lip Augmentation

The cost all depends on the doctor, where you live, and the type of lip augmentation you are having. Talk to your doctor ahead of time to find out how much the lip augmentation will cost.

Implants for your Lips

You can have your lips augmented through the use of lip implants. These are tiny tubes that are filled with a flexible synthetic material. You use a small needle and insert the tubes along the lip line. This is a long-lasting way to augment the lips and the tubes tend to stay in the same position, plumping up the lips. The implants aren’t absorbed within the body unlike lip fillers that gradually get absorbed by the body.

Using Lip Fillers

There are a variety of fillers that can be injected into the lips, plumping them up and making them look luscious. Different types of lip fillers include collagen, fat and products such as Restylane, Juvéderm and Radiesse. Each filler has different effects and last for different lengths of time. It is a good idea to discuss the various kinds of fillers with your doctor to see which kind would be the best for you.

Fat Transfer Procedures

Basically, the doctor takes fat which has been liposuctioned from another part of the body and injects it carefully into the lips, making them seem full and luscious. Your lips have greater volume and because this is fat that already comes from your body, it is less likely to be rejected by your body’s immune system.

Recovery Time

The recovery basically depends on what kind of procedure you had done and if there are any complications such as infection or bleeding, which are generally rare. You may only need a topical anesthetic to do this procedure and it hurts for just a couple of days. You may have some local swelling as well. When you heal from fat transfer procedures or lip augmentation, you can expect not to look yourself until several weeks have passed.

Benefits and Risks

There just aren’t very many complications with lip augmentation procedures although you may not always be happy with the results. You can get an infection, bleeding or localized swelling but these are nearly always temporary and treatable. Sometimes the lips can look lumpy or can scar in a way that is undesirable.
When you have lip augmentation, you have an improved appearance, and this does a lot for your self esteem. The results are generally long-lasting so you won’t have to have it done again anytime soon.

Finding a Local Plastic Surgeon

Many plastic surgeons do lip augmentations so you can just do a search on the internet for local plastic surgeons. Visit with the surgeon and if you like him or her, go ahead and schedule the procedure.