Having Cosmetic Surgery on your Chin

When you have cosmetic surgery on your chin, it reshapes the chin to a shape that is more cosmetically pleasing. You do it when your existing chin isn’t shaped right in comparison to the rest of the face. This is a procedure that has come to be popular among both men and women and the trend is toward chin enhancement, which involves the addition of chin implants onto a weak chin. Other facial implants can be done at the same time. You can also have reduction surgery for your chin, which takes away some of the bone and tissue from the chin to make it smaller. Speak with your cosmetic surgeon about whether or not you need chin augmentation or chin reduction surgery.

Tell me about cosmetic surgery of chin

Chin cosmetic surgery makes your chin more proportionate to the rest of your face so you have balanced facial features. Weak chins are especially important to be treated because they have a tendency to make the nose appear too large and beaky. Filling out the chin puts the entire face in proportion. Chins that are too small make the rest of the facial features appear too small. It is better to reduce the chin surgically so that the entire face is in proper proportion. The chin looks refined and smaller. You can contour the chin to have a different shape than it formerly did.

Using Implants to make a Larger Chin

If you have a weak chin, you need a recessive chin enlargement, a procedure that brings the chin forward and makes it look larger. It adds a bony implant to the chin beneath the teeth and down to the base of the chin. The jaw is strengthened and more defined after the procedure and the proportions of the face are improved.

Having your Chin Reduced

Some individuals have a chin that is too big. It is, in fact, so big that it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the facial features. Doctors go in and reshape the bone so that the features of the chin are finer. This involves a chin reduction procedure that contours the shape of the bone so the entire chin has a different and more refined. The end result is a natural chin of the right size.

Finding a local plastic surgeon in your immediate area

Go online and do a search for qualified facial plastic surgeons in your area and take a look at their web site. When you find what you like, meet with the doctor to get the particulars of your procedure. If you like the surgeon and what he or she has to say, go ahead with the procedure and enjoy the look of your new chin.