Having a Rhytidectomy or Face Lift

Face lifts are called rhytidectomies, which are surgical operations used to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and lines around the facial area. These are signs of aging that can easily be reversed. It will take away the bad effects of age, the elements and stress on the body. A face lift is one of the more expensive of the facial plastic surgeries but the end result can be really nice and you look much younger after having it done.

Who is a candidate?

A rhytidectomy can do much to improve your appearance and self esteem. If you still have relatively young and supple skin, you will have the best chance of having a good outcome from the procedure. On the other hand, a chemical peel or microdermabrasion procedure may do enough to improve the way you look and you won’t have to go all the way to having a rhytidectomy. Similarly, just a brow lift or blepharoplasty might be enough. To find out if you are a candidate for a rhytidectomy or one of the other facial procedures, you should talk to a good plastic surgeon and get an informed opinion.

Benefits and Risks of Rhytidectomy

Common complications are bleeding, swelling and infection. On the other hand, face lifts can make you much younger looking and can do a lot to improve your self esteem. It can correct problems of sagging skin, change the contour of your face and reverse signs of aging.

Different Kinds of Face Lifts

They do mini-lifts, lifts of the lower face, midface lifts or lifts of the entire face. What you select to have done depends on your budget and what needs to be done. The more you have done, the greater is the recovery time and the more chance there is of complications. Each type of face lift does different things to augment your appearance and you need to talk with your surgeon about what kind of face lift is appropriate for you.

Getting Ready for your Face Lift

You must stop smoking at least two weeks before having your face lift. You need to go to a preoperative evaluation to make sure you are a good surgical candidate. Follow all the instructions your surgeon gives you. Do not take Aspirin at least a week before having your rhytidectomy. Try to be emotionally and mentally prepared for this overwhelming change in your appearance. You need to do all of these things in order to have a good procedure.

What’s involved in your Procedure?

Your doctor will explain everything you need to know about your particular procedure. Every procedure is different and you need to know about your specific one. Each doctor approaches the rhytidectomy a different way so you need to find out what the doctor will do in your particular case.

Results of a Face Lift

You need to ask your doctor what your face will look like after the procedure. Find out what the length of healing time is and other things to expect after your procedure. Ask about what the long term results will be and how long a face lift can be expected to last. Find out what you need to do to keep looking younger after the procedure.

Alternatives to a Face Lift

You can have a microcurrent face lift or use special products on your face to make you look better without having to resort to a rhytidectomy. There is microdermabrasion and laser procedure that can be done which aren’t the whole procedure. Ask your doctor if you are a candidate for one of these procedures instead of the rhytidectomy. Your surgeon may decide you don’t need a whole rhytidectomy or that you aren’t a candidate for any procedure yet.

Men’s Face Lifts

Men are increasingly having face lifts right along with women. They want to reduce the signs of aging and improve the way they look just as much as women. The risks and benefit are the same for men as they are for women.

Finding a Rhytidectomy Surgeon

Is it possible to find a good surgeon to do your rhytidectomy? You can get referrals from friends or neighbors and you can do an online search to find out which surgeons do facial surgery. Look at their website and have a visit with a qualified surgeon to see if you like him or her. Find out how they plan to do your procedure and if all goes well, you can schedule your procedure with the surgeon you visited. Get testimonials if any are available on the website.