Having a Cheek Augmentation

You can enhance the contour and shape of your cheeks using basic cheek implants. This is especially the case if your cheeks have no definition now, if your face is flat or if your face is too narrow. It can make you appear younger and can enhance your overall look. For this reason, it is a good way to make your look appear better.

Cheek Bone Implants

This is a procedure that has been put in place since the late 1950s. It is a very safe and excellent method of enhancing your cheeks. The cheek bone itself is made out of different cosmetic materials which have the potential to be flexible or very rigid. The cheek bone implants are made to fit your cheeks and to give it a certain appearance. You can use premade cheek bone implants or you can have them custom-carved to make you look exactly like you want your cheeks to look. Silicon-based cheek implants stay within the tissues and don’t integrate within the tissue so that you are able to have them removed at any time. Hydroxyapatite implants, on the other hand, integrate within the normal bony tissue so that they become a permanent aspect of the structure of the cheek.

Having your Cheek Augmented

You can have your cheek implantation surgery at the same time that you are having other plastic surgery on your face and it is done through the same incision, making recovery very simple. Otherwise, if the procedure is done on its own, you install the cheek implants through very small incisions that are made inside the mouth or through an incision in the lower eyelid. Small pockets are made in the tissue and the implants are inserted in the correct position. The area is sutured closed and the stitches are then removed in about ten days or so. When placed within the mouth itself, the sutures are dissolvable and don’t need to be removed.

Complications and Risks of the Procedure

There is always risk when using anesthesia, especially if you smoke or are on antidepressants. You should tell your doctor about your personal and medical history any time you have surgery.
You could get an infection after the surgery but antibiotics are typically sufficient to deal with this complication. The cheek implant can also shift out of position, necessitating repeat surgery to replace the cheek implant. If you are wanting to have cheek implantation surgery but don’t want to face the chance of having a negative outcome, choose a plastic surgeon who has done the procedure often and who has a good reputation.

Finding a Local Plastic Surgeon

Do an online search to find a local plastic surgeon who has a website that you can look into. Visit the doctor to see if he or she seems to be the surgeon for you. Get references from other patients if possible and ask about the doctor’s success rate.