Hair Loss – Latisse May be Offered as Cure

Hair loss is a problem that plagues millions the world over. No longer consigned to just men, this phenomenon is widespread and can affect any individual at any stage of life. There are a few different factors that affect hair loss in individuals and understanding a bit about them can help users find the perfect solution. These factors are related directly to the lifestyle and genetics of any one individual and are likely to be long lasting factors that are not easily reversed.

Common Hair Loss Issues

In many cases hair loss is related directly to genes, this means that hair loss is inevitable in some people as it is already programmed into their DNA. While stopping hair loss entirely is not possible in these individuals, there are some methods that can help to greatly reduce hair loss and that can help to increase the life cycle of the hair follicle. Latisse, a drug that was formulated by Allergan to prevent the loss of eyelashes and encourage a longer growing cycle, may hold the cure to hair loss.

Alternate Uses Discovered

This drug was initially created to help increase the growing cycle of eyelashes which allowed for longer lashes and thicker lashes as it reduced lash loss over time. Though these lashes still eventually fall out, they are far less likely to fall out in great numbers and they do tend to stay in the lash line longer. Experts believe that the combination of amino acids and growth supplements that are part of the solution may help decrease hair loss in individuals and increase the life of each hair follicle. With the use of this medicine, which is prescribed by a doctor, experts hope to slow hair loss and reduce it over time. This drug is helpful in conditioning those lashes and hair follicles that are already in place to remain longer and reduce the likelihood of shedding.

Reduce Hair Loss

Latisse works to reduce lash loss and encourage growth of new lashes over time with continued use, lashes are actually hair follicles and the similarity between lashes and hair that grows on the head is stunning which leads experts to believe that the technology used in the production of Latisse may help to re-grow hair and slow hair loss in both men and women. There are still tests being run but the results have begun to lean toward a temporary cure for hair loss and a way to encourage new hair growth in those that have already lost their hair.

Is the treatment effective?

Another factor to consider however are environmental factors. While Latisse can help regrow hair, it users are losing hair due to stress, health issues, or poor environment this solution may not help. Though it can still encourage and stimulate hair growth, it is likely that it will not be as effective if these environmental factors are still in play. Experts are currently working on using the compounds used in Latisse to formulate a new solution that may help reduce and even eliminate hair loss in the future.