Getting a Fat Transfer to your Face in Beverly Hills

Getting a fat transfer to your face has become very popular in the Beverly Hills area. It is one way to fill in the wrinkles that make you look older. The fat comes from your own body and the whole procedure is relatively safe. Why would you consider a fat transfer to the face? Aging takes its toll on your face, in part, because you lose some of the fat that helps to give the face its youthful appearance.

The fat transfer to the face that is typically done in Beverly Hills replaces that fat in small quantities to fill creases and wrinkles. The injections can also make scars less noticeable such as those from acne, chicken pox, or trauma. The fat transfers can also used on the hands to replace the fat that has been lost there as well.
The procedure is done in the physician’s office under a local anesthetic. The fat to be transferred will be “harvested” or taken from the buttocks, thighs or abdomen. Your physician will discuss the site or sites to be used in your pre-operative consultation. The site to be used for the fat cell harvesting will be thoroughly cleaned and the area numbed with the local anesthetic. The fat cells will be removed using a sterile needle and syringe.

The areas on the face that are to receive the fat transfer will also be thoroughly cleaned and then numbed. After the fat cells are purified, they will then be injected into the areas of the face that need filling or plumping.
This in an outpatient procedure, so there is no hospital stay and there is very little down time. Typically in the Beverly Hills area, the whole fat transfer to your face procedure will take less than two hours to complete. The most common side effect is bruising and tenderness at the harvest site and the areas that received the injections.

Some patients will require a second and even a third procedure to be satisfied. Because there are no incisions made or stitches inserted, the recovery time is greatly reduced and there is no scarring.
As with any procedure, there are always risks involved. Although rare with fat transfers to the face in Beverly Hills you will need to be fully informed. All of the risks and complications should be discussed in detail with you by your physician before the procedure. This allows you to decide if this procedure is right for you.

A fat transfer to the face is a fairly common procedure in Beverly Hills. It does not generally change the shape of the face as drastically as plastic surgery that involves the removal of skin can. Most patients appreciate the fact that the procedure is short and the recovery time is short. The results of the fat to the face transfer can last anywhere from a few months to around 3 years. The procedure can be used to buy a little time before a full face lift is needed or it may be all the work the patient wants done.