Fight Dark Circles with Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Dark circles mar the appearance of a person’s face. Today, dark circles can be reduced with the help of advanced cosmetic procedures.
Today, no one has to live with dark circles. Advanced cosmetic procedures are available.

For women and men who want faces that look as young and as healthy as possible, the last things they desire on their faces are dark circles. These are dark areas under the eyes that can mar the appearance of one’s face. Dark circles can make a person look old, tired and unhealthy.

What causes dark circles? In addition to factors such as lack of sleep, dark circles are caused by a variety of conditions. For example, heredity is a cause of dark circles. If they run in your family, chances are that could be why you have them. Or, there may be an excess amount of pigmentation under your eyes that runs in your family or ethnic makeup. Dark circles can be caused by skin conditions such as eczema. It can also be caused by allergies. (Rubbing your eyes in these conditions can make it worse.) Colds and infections can create dark circles. Aging is another reason why dark circles can appear under your eyes. Also, they can appear due to a lack of proper nutrition.

A good diet, exercise and plenty of sleep are cure alls for just about everything that ails us, but it is not enough for those with chronic dark circles.

There are plenty of under eye cosmetics to help with the condition of dark circles, and many of them do the job, temporarily. Once the makeup comes off, the dark circles are still there. There are also special creams that you can buy over the counter and professionally to help with dark circles. Depending on the quality of the brand, these creams have proven to show improvement for some people. Also, there are natural ways to treat dark circles, such as placing tea bags under your eyes.

However, one of the best ways to eliminate dark circles is with advanced laser treatments available from qualified doctors. These procedures are non-invasive, quick and require little recovery time. The new advanced therapies work for both light skin, but also dark skin, which in the past has not responded well to traditional laser treatments. Advanced laser treatments may also be combined with dermal fillers for the most attractive result. At Epione Beverly Hills, Medical Director Simon Ourian, M.D. offers the Coolaser, his proprietary laser system, for the treatment of dark circles. “Depending on the needs of the individual patient I like to combine Coolaser with a dermal filler such as Radiesse® for optimal results, “ says Doctor Ourian.