Introduction to eyelid surgery

Eyelid plastic surgery also known as Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure done for the purpose of restoring droopy eyelids and giving your eyes a new refreshing look. Eyelid surgery involves removing excess tissue from your upper or lower eyelids (or both).

The reasons why many women and men worldwide have turned to this aesthetic procedure are the dropping or baggy upper or lower eyelids, excess skin on the eyelids that causes problems with your vision, sagging eyebrows and bags that appear under the eyes. All these problems are, in most cases, caused by aging and may give you a tired and worn appearance. Plastic surgery for eyelids is a way to solve these problems and give your face a younger look.

Even though Blepharoplasty is mostly performed as a single procedure, you may also consider a few other aesthetic procedures that may help, such as skin resurfacing, facelift or/and brow lift.

Is plastic surgery for eyelids the right choice for me?

If your eyes cannot open completely due to the sagging or drooping eyelids, than eyelid surgery is a procedure that might help you. By submitting yourself to this procedure you will be able make your eyes look younger. What you should be hoping to achieve with this surgical procedure is an improvement when it comes to your appearance. Eyelid surgery will result in a firmer area around the eyes and more youthful appearance.

If you suffer from any circulatory or ophthalmological condition you should seek professional advice from a medical specialist in this area to determine if an eyelid surgery is a good option for you. After a green light given by an expert, a consultation with a plastic surgeon will take place.

Understanding Blepharoplasty – What to expect?

A professional plastic surgeon will give you an advice on any additional surgery that would increase overall success and the outcome of your eyelid surgery. He might recommend skin resurfacing as a complementary procedure that will help remove unnecessary wrinkles around the eye area or a correction procedure to smooth your forehead or drooping eyebrow.

After you and your surgeon come to a mutual decision, you will discuss the technique which is indicated for your surgery. Everything will be outlined, from any additional surgery, type of anesthesia which is to be used, to any possible risks. For a professional aesthetic surgeon it is of the essence to make his patient more comfortable and familiar with every possible detail of the operation.

A successful eyelid surgery will surely contribute to your self-confidence and will bring out a new you. Feeling good about who you are and how you look like is very important and it will contribute to a more positive way of life and thinking.