Eye plastic surgery – Three procedures with 1 goal

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid plastic surgery was one of the five most common performed plastic surgeries in 2007. People want to have eye plastic surgery for both functional and cosmetic reasons, even though the last one is the most common reason. It can be quite annoying however to have limited eyesight because of the excess of skin from your eyelids and that is why eye plastic surgery is sometimes done for functional reasons.

Several different procedures are available to aid people with eye problems.

  • Eye plastic surgery. Eyelid surgery can be used in order to remove excessive amounts of tissue and skin on and around the eyelids. During this process some minor incisions will be made in the eyelid. Once the incisions are made the surgeon is able to remove a thin layer of excessive skin, fat and muscles. Once the tissue is removed the larger part of the procedure is done. The surgeon will close the small incisions with fine sutures that are hardly visible. Another option is to leave the incisions for what they are since they are so minuscule and let the natural healing process take over.
  • Laser Eye plastic surgery. With the help of a laser the tissue around the eyes can be removed or reduced.
  • New Facelift Surgery. Facelift Surgery helps a patient by improving the looks of the entire face. The forehead creases are reduced, the hanging eyebrows are tightened, and the areas around your eyes where you have excessive tissue can be taken care of as well. With a facelift you basically improve the looks of your entire face by removing excessive skin and tightening the skin.

Plastic surgery for the eye is actually a procedure that typically doesn’t take a lot of time. Once the procedure has been executed the client shouldn’t watch television for a few days and should stay at home for at least one week. If you wear contact lenses you should not wear them for two weeks after the operation.
Eye plastic surgery is there to help people feel more confident about their looks. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will look ideal but the areas around your eyes can look better than before.