Exclusive Treatment for Stretch Marks

The look of unsightly stretch marks are improved with the exclusive treatment CoolBeam – offered only at Epione Beverly Hills.

CoolBeam is a treatment options offered exclusively at Epione Beverly Hills to improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are a condition that affects both men and women. When the dermis, which is the layer of skin under the epidermis, becomes stretched due to conditions like weight gain, weight loss or pregnancy, the result are stretch marks. Stretch marks can affect the body in a wide variety of places including the stomach, breasts, upper arms and more.

Although stretch marks themselves are not painful, the emotional toll that stretch marks can cause can indeed be painful. The ridges on the skin that stretch marks create can mar the appearance of the skin. Stretch marks become especially apparent in certain situations, such as when participating in warm weather activities where more revealing clothing is commonly worn. For example, women with stretch marks on their stomachs may avoid wearing two piece bathing suits to the beach or the pool because of the embarrassment they feel about having stretch marks.

As embarrassing as stretch marks are, they happen to many women, including celebrities. Dr. Simon Ourian, medical director of Epione Beverly Hills, illustrates, “Quite a few actresses and models come to my clinic and stretch mark removal is at the top of their list of concerns.” He goes on to explain, “Stretch marks don’t discriminate. If you lose a lot of weight or get pregnant you’re likely to get stretch marks, even if you’re famous.”
Although hereditary factors, diet and exercise can help women and men avoid stretch marks, many people will experience the problem sometime in their lives, including 90 percent of pregnant women. Although there are plenty of lotions and creams on the market to combat the problem, in the opinion of Dr. Simon Ourian Epione Beverly Hills offers one of the most effective procedures to reduce the appearance of stretch marks — CoolBeam. Can stretch marks vanish? No. They are a dermal scar. However, their appearance can be minimized.

Dr. Simon Ourian, the Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, has developed an exclusive treatment that stretch mark victims can consider to help improve the appearance of their skin — CoolBeam. Some consider it “an amazing breakthrough in the treatment of new and old stretch marks.” With a series of treatments damaged skin is removed with its revolutionary technique allowing new skin to grow in its place. Typically CoolBeam does not require a recovery period.

In the words of Epione patient B.R.: “I’m very pleased with the work done on my hips. The stretch marks were very hard to get rid of. I tried all sorts of creams which were a waste of time and money. At long last I found Epione. My hips are a very intimate part of my body and I am very thankful for Dr. Simon and his services.”