Epione to Sell Revivogen

Re-growing lost hair is just as important as maintaining healthy hair. Fortunately, there are a myriad of products on the market today that can to treat hair loss. However, not all products are effective in resolving hair loss problems. Numerous studies suggest that Revivogen is an efficient hair loss product because it contains ingredients that may stimulate growth of hair in bald spots as well as treat the root cause of hair loss.

Epione Medical Corporation founder Dr. Simon Ourian says “We have numerous ways to attack this problem. It seems as Revivogen is emerging as a preferred method.”

How Revivogen Treatments Work

Revivogen contains several scientifically tested ingredients that inhibit the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. DHT is the main cause of hair loss in women and men alike. When individuals begin to lose hair, some of their hair follicles become DHT receptor sites. The rate at which hair follicles become receptors depends on the unique genetic make-up of different people. Once DHT attaches to these receptors, it slowly destroys hair follicles and renders them incapable of growing. It can take several years before the effects of DHT become noticeable. Revivogen therapies reduce the amount of DHT produced and minimize the ability of the growth inhibitor to attach to hair follicles. Revivogen also treats other side effects of DHT such as scalp inflammation and oiliness. Unlike some hair loss treatments such as Propecia that patients have to ingest orally, one applies Revivogen on the scalp. Therefore, it safe since little or no amount of it gets into the blood stream.

Who Should Use Revivogen?

Both men and women can use Revivogen. Men who are suffering from scattered hair loss, bald spots or have a receding hairline at the temples are suitable candidates for Revivogen. The treatment is also suitable for women who have a confirmed diagnosis of androgenic alopecia that causes hair thinning and baldness. Revivogen is an antiandrogen, serving to prevent hair loss from getting worse and to stimulate the growth of new hair follicles to fill the balding areas.

How to use Revivogen

Revivogen is a topical formula that works through scalp applications. For best results, the treatment should be applied to the affected area in addition to surrounding areas that may be susceptible to hair loss. One should wait at least four hours before washing their hair after each application. This provides sufficient time for the treatment to be absorbed. In some cases, Revivogen hair loss treatment therapies involve the use of Revivogen shampoos to wash hair after the application of the treatment formula.

All said, the results of Revivogen hair loss treatments might vary from one person to another. Studies have shown that most people start seeing good results after using the treatments for at least half a year. However, hair growth does not occur fast and it may take up to two years to achieve optimal results. Therefore, it is important for consumers to have reasonable expectations before they start Revivogen treatments.