Epione Offers New Laser Liposuction Procedure

Epione Medical Corporation, located in Beverly Hills’ Golden Triangle, now offers laser liposuction treatment. Laser liposuction uses special equipment to eradicate localized fat deposits from various parts of the body. The equipment disrupts fat cells in the body, and tighten skin tissue through coagulation.

According to cosmetic surgeons, laser guided liposuction is minimally-invasive. As a result, patients do not normally lose blood or bruise as much as they might during a standard liposuction. The result may be that patients who receive this treatment generally experience a shorter recovery period.


Those seeking to undergo the procedure must older than 18 years of age and in good health, be on an active diet plan or fitness regimen and have discernible pockets of fat in certain regions of the body. Additionally, patients must not have any cardiovascular or blood related ailments such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Anyone that believes that laser liposuction may be for them must first obtain a consultation. The attending physician will sit down with the patient to discuss the treatment options available. Laser liposuction is among the many cosmetic procedures that Epione offers.

Liposuction Using Laser Technology

This cutting-edge fat reduction technique uses laser-assisted lipolysis equipment that disrupts fat cells in the body through coagulation and tightens the surrounding tissue.

Only Local Anesthesia Required

To perform the procedure, a cosmetic surgeon puts the client under local anesthesia to reduce discomfort. The doctor then inserts a small cannula into the target area of the body. The small cannula contains a laser fiber that delivers busts of energy directly into the subcutaneous fat cells in the body causing them to undergo a reaction that disrupts their structure in a similar way to melting. The laser energy also cauterizes the surrounding tissue causing skin collagen to retract and tighten. The cosmetic technician adjusts the laser machine’s wavelength depending on a client’s skin color, weight, and fat distribution.

Out-Patient Procedure

After the procedure, clients normally rest briefly until the effects of the anesthetic wear off. Suitable clients with weight concerns can now receive laser liposuction from Epione Beverly Hills. Clients can begin treatment soon after the attending surgeon confirms their eligibility for treatment. Contact Epione today for a private consultation on this advanced fat removal procedure.