Dr. Simon Ourian Cautions Against Plastic Surgery Risks

young woman getting ready for plastic surgeryAs attractive as the prospect of undergoing a plastic surgery procedure may be, it is critical that people understand that not every procedure is safe, especially if it is performed by an unlicensed, insufficiently trained individual. Dr. Simon Ourian, Founder and Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, has repeatedly reminded those who are considering plastic surgery to be very careful about choosing the clinic or hospital and the person who will perform the procedure. Having the proper understanding of the risks and knowing what to look for will greatly increase the likelihood that the patient will receive proper and satisfactory care. It is critical to ensure that the doctor providing the treatment is qualified and capable.

Risks and Complications That Can Be Avoided

Medical professionals and associations have been warning the public about the dangers of plastic surgery being performed by an unlicensed, improperly trained and unskilled individual for many years. Unfortunately, thousands of men and women who merely want to improve their looks still fall victim to unscrupulous individuals who lack the training, know-how and experience to provide the proper diagnosis, treatment and care to ensure satisfactory and safe results.

Scarring, Asymmetry, Infection and Even Death

While not prevalent, the problem is sadly not that uncommon. The problem with undergoing plastic surgery from an unlicensed and unqualified individual is that it exposes the patient to a number of health issues and aesthetic problems that can include scarring, asymmetry, infection and even death. To avoid the risks and dangers presented by unscrupulous individuals, always consider the following:

Verifiable Credentials and References

Also, be sure to confirm that the doctor has verifiable credentials and references, years of experience in the field, including internship with a licensed surgeon or Dermatologist and private practice. In addition, the procedure should be performed at a medical clinic or hospital, or an accredited surgical facility.

The doctor should also perform a complete checkup and diagnosis during consultation in order to identify the best treatments for the patient.

Getting the Treatment You Deserve

One of the most important goals of Epione Beverly Hills is to provide safe and medically proper treatments to their clients. Epione’s goal is to serve Epione’s patients and provide the best possible care and attention.