Dark Circles Removal

Blue, black, brown or green; no matter what color your eyes are or how big or small they are, dark circles can be an ugly distraction from those beautiful gems. Dark circles are one of the most common skin problems for men and women of all ages. Dark circles give a very tired and aging appearance to the face.

You can find a thousand of homemade recipes to eliminate dark circles, but none of them is considered very effective. Before going for a dark circles removal treatment, one should understand the reason behind these dark circles. The cause of dark circles can be aging of skin around the eyes, food allergies, organ disorders, hormonal disorders, sleeping disorders and also genetic inheritance. Personal lifestyle and habits are also a major contributing factor in development of dark circles. It is important that you consult a physician before treatment with any dark circles remover. Your physician will help you in diagnosis of the root cause and selection of the right dark circles removal treatment.

Coolaser may be a very effective and preferred dark circles removal treatment mainly because of its non-invasive nature. The area around the eyes is subjected to a fine laser beam which breaks the pigmentation in the skin into small fragments and then destroys it. The best aspect of Coolaser in contrast to the typical laser surgery is its shorter operating time and almost no recovery time. The whole process of Coolaser dark circles removal takes around 20 minutes. Only minimal and temporary effects have been reported.

Dermal fillers are also available an option as a dark circles removal treatment. These dermal fillers cushion the area under and around the eyes and give it a fresher and younger look rather than wrinkled and saggy one. Among other dermal filler available, Radiesse is found to work as a dark circles remover. In some cases, it is best to combine both dermal fillers and Coolaser treatment to get the desired results.

Epione Beverly Hills offers you a variety of treatments to cure your dark circle problems. Discuss your health and other issues with the physician in order to get him to understand the root cause of the problem. No matter which dark circle remover treatment you finally decide to take, keep your expectations realistic. Try to change your lifestyle routines such as sleeping less, too much caffeine or nicotine, drinking less water etc.; a much healthier lifestyle ensures a much younger look for a much longer time.