Cultural Attitudes and the Ideal Face

Korean womanMany Korean women are unhappy with their appearance because it does not fit in with their society’s view of beauty. For this reason, more and more people with this cultural background are undergoing plastic surgery. The most common procedures being performed on faces are nose jobs and eyelid surgeries. These are two areas of the face that cannot be altered with mere cosmetics. Here is a look at other ways that Korean women are searching to find ideal beauty.

Extreme Plastic Surgery

One of the newest cosmetic procedures being performed is the V-line surgery. It breaks and shaves the jaw in order to create a slim and oval shaped face. This is becoming extremely popular with Korean pop stars.

This procedure was originally designed to correct misaligned teeth. However, when performed for other reasons, there are high risks involved. The entire procedure is quite complex. A person may end up with a permanent numbness in the jaw area. It is very painful as well. A person’s jaw will be wired together for six weeks and swelling may last for even longer periods of time.

Reasons Why Korean Women Are Seeking Surgery

One out of every five Korean women will undergo some type of cosmetic surgery. A strong consumer culture has made Korean women associate beauty with economic success. As more and more value is being placed on plastic surgery, the area is becoming known as a Mecca for medical intervention. Instead of directly copying Caucasian features, the surgeries aim to use them as a guideline for perfection.

Korean Women Of The Past Versus Korean Women Of Today

Taking a look at beauty pageants, Korean women of the 1960s had full faces, flat noses, and small eyes. Today, Korean women are altering all parts of the physical appearance to have larger eyes, smaller faces, and higher noses. This idea of cosmetic surgery is spreading fast and wide throughout the entire nation. The K-Pop image is a large industry that has a great influence over Korean women. Since the Internet is very popular, Korean girls have great access to articles that summarize the acceptable features of beauty.

Plastic Surgery

Young Korean girls are being raised in the environment where surgery is very accepted. Not only is a girl supposed to be intelligent, it is also necessary to mold the body in order to become beautiful. It seems strange because there is an obvious blend of ancient tradition and modern aesthetics. There is a definite stress placed on women to be both productive and beautiful at the same time.

Korean culture is always changing. This means that an accent on this type of beauty may not always be the case. Even though pop culture may be having a negative affect on body image, it may be a great push toward success. Possibly, Korea may see future alternatives to plastic surgery. However, the enormous pressure to act in a certain way will always exist. Changing the outside features of a person may be just the beginning. This nation will almost always go to extremes to bring its citizens to the height of perfection.