Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

The rebellious rock of the 80s and 90s gave a modern pop culture spot to the ancient art of tattooing. Almost everyone was seen with a tattoo inspired by their rock bands, cults, action sports superstar or just their loved ones. There is certainly something wild about tattoos that made about 20 million people in the US jump on the bandwagon. But now that most of those wild teenagers have grown up into adult responsible citizens of the society, those tattoos can create a little difficulty in their aim to live a respectable life.

Out of those estimated 20 million tattooed Americans, almost half of them regret their tattoos and want them to be removed. The reason can be a stated above; the pursuit of respectable place in society, a love gone bad or simply an outdated phrase. Whatever be the reason, the point is that people want their tattoos removed. But wasn’t it supposed to be permanent? Yes it is permanent and can not be removed by washing, scrubbing or any other such technique. But cosmetic tattoo removal is your way out of those teenage bloopers.

How does cosmetic tattoo removal work? Cosmetic tattoo removal is based on the safe and tested laser technology. The wavelength of laser is adjusted according to different colors of the tattoo. Cosmetic tattoo removal may leave no scar.

Cosmetic tattoo removal is typically a relatively painless procedure but that does depend on the patient. Some people might experience pain and need to be given a local anesthetic. Cosmetic tattoo removal requires no recovery time, but your physician might suggest you few precautions. The area under treatment will become red but the redness will go away in a day or two. There are few side effects related to the cosmetic tattoo removal but a temporary pain is rarely felt. As far as some side effects of laser treatments are concerned, they are just a myth. Laser treatments are not cancer causing. In fact, laser surgeries are of the most accurate and safe surgical technologies available.

The area of tattoo removal should be treated with utmost care after the cosmetic tattoo removal. Your physician will tell you how to gently clean the area without rubbing or scratching.

Like all the medical treatments, it is necessary that you consult your doctor for a pre-treatment plan before cosmetic tattoo removal. Especially, if the tattoo covers a bigger area.