Cosmetic Chin Surgery Can Provide Better Facial Balance

There are two types of aesthetic chin surgery: mentoplasty and genioplasty. Mentoplasty is surgery to reduce a chin which is too prominent and causes the rest of the facial features to appear too small. Genioplasty is an augmentation procedure using implants to make a receding chin look more prominent. A receding chin can make a normal nose look too large, especially in profile, and can make the neck appear fat.

Both men and women opt for these procedures. The best candidates are healthy adults with no underlying medical problems. A cosmetic surgeon can help you decide if chin surgery is right for you. The surgery is designed to bring the facial features into balance and create a more pleasing appearance.

Genioplasty involves an incision, usually inside the mouth, through which the surgeon creates a pocket for the implant. The implant is then inserted and positioned and the incision is typically closed with dissolving sutures. Recovery time may be relatively short, usually about a week.

The incision for mentoplasty may be made in the mouth or under the chin. The surgeon will reshape the bone and restructure the underlying muscle tissue. If the incision is made under the chin there may be minimal scarring. Recovery time for mentoplasty may be slightly longer than for genioplasty.

The benefits of the surgery are improved appearance and self-esteem. Especially in men, chin augmentation surgery can alter the way in which others perceive you. Potential complications with this surgery include adverse reaction to anesthesia and post operative infection.

If you are considering aesthetic chin surgery, you should consult a cosmetic surgeon with experience in these procedures for more information.