Common Skin Problems and Solutions

creamThe skin, as body’s largest organ, does a magnificent job protecting the inner body from a number of threats such as infections, sunlight, dehydration, dirt and chemicals. The epidermis, the top, outer layer of the skin, serves as an important barrier to the outside.

With all these impacts, men’s skin can require some special effort to keep it performing at its peak. Some specific problems and solutions for the average man dealing with skin problems are discussed below.


Many people think acne ends with puberty. However, many factors can cause acne later in life. Things like, stress, humidity and heavy sweating can cause the bumps we know as pimples. Even the use of steroids can impact the complexion. Hygiene can help, but ironically too much washing can itself be a problem. For mild cases, one can simply pick up medications such as benzoyl peroxide at the drug store. More serious outbreaks mean a trip to the doctor.

Razor burn

This common problem often results in an inconvenient rash and even pimples and blisters. With technique developed over the years, one can improve the process by using warm water before shaving. New, sharp and improved razor blades with great lubricants are a starting point for minimizing the impact of the daily process of shaving. If one has razor burn, use an aloe-based cream with cortisone or an aftershave with vitamin E. They will do a good job of calming the burn.


Moisturizers are excellent for guys with dry skin, and come in handy most in the summer when one wants to enjoy the sun, but doesn’t want to dry up. Ointments and other types of heavy moisturizers can be saved for winter, but if one’s skin is painfully dry during other times of the year, then it is imperative to experiment with thick heavy ointments.


About 14 million Americans suffer from the problem that causes rosy face called rosacea. While not life-threatening, it is an embarrassing and irritating condition. The situation is often life-long and gets worse with age. It is important to avoid products with alcohol, especially cosmetics and aftershave.


We all get wrinkles. The number one culprit to avoid, however, is cigarette smoke. Start early to avoid wrinkles because once there, they are there to stay.


These are a common and harmless ailment cause by cells that have contact with the HP virus. A solution or patch with 17 percent salicylic acid is the best answer. Apply following directions.

Other situations such as staph infections and groin rash are also common problems that need to be handled as serious issues. The skin is an important barrier to disease and other problems and requires our attention and care.