Chin Augmentation Combined with Nose Job

According to a study recently carried out by Italian researchers, combining chin and nose surgical procedures offers the best results. The researchers from the University of Verona found that changing the profile of your chin (genioplasty) and nose (rhinoplasty) results in minimal instability over the long term. This is good news if one is considering plastic surgery to change the way their face looks. Although rhinoplasty can alter the facial profile of a patient with minimal change, adding genioplasty to the equation significantly improves aesthetic appeal.

Why the Combination?

In most cases, the relationship between the chin and the nose plays a big role in determining how proportionate one’s face appears. As a result of this correlation, having one of the two surgical procedures does not guarantee a proportional outcome. This is why having the two procedures at the same time may produce better results. With chin surgery, the bone remodeling normally guarantees better stability over the long term. Additionally, the combined cost of both procedures would be lower than getting each procedure separately. Healing would also occur simultaneously, reducing recovery time.

Study’s Results

The study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Facial Plastic Surgery involved 90 people and spanned two years starting in January 2002 and ending in January 2004. During the three-year follow-up period, the researchers found that 45.6% of people who had plastic surgery to reduce the size of their chins did not register any visible changes afterwards. Additionally, 52% of participants who had chin extensions registered no more than a millimeter of change, which plastic surgeons refer to as a stable profile. On the other hand, a nose job is much riskier because all rhinoplasty surgeries change within 12 to 24 months altering your facial profile.

Other Considerations

One has to take into account possible complications that can arise after the initial surgery. In some cases, patients have to seek out another plastic surgeon to make the necessary nose job corrections and revisions. This can make the cost of the operation even more prohibitive.

The process of altering the chin involves inserting an implant or cutting the chin bone and changing its position. Although this procedure carries risks such as nerve damage, an experienced and skilled surgeon can get yield results. When it comes to chin enhancement, it is best to go for a bone genioplasty. Compared to chin implants, the long-term outcome is more stable because implants can erode into the underlying bone structure.

If one is considering undergoing plastic surgery to change the way their face looks, it is advisable to have the two procedures at the same time. Benefits of taking this approach include lower costs, shorter recovery period, as well as a better facial profile.