Cheek Implants Improve Facial Contours

Nearly everyone wishes to improve their appearance and cheek implants can result in a dramatic improvement for the right candidates. For those who have indistinct cheek bones, or whose face has a flat appearance, cheek augmentation is a procedure that can provide balance and interest to the face. Cheek augmentation can also restore fullness in candidates who have lost cheek contours due to aging.

There are a variety of implants which can be used in this surgery. They may be rigid or flexible. Some integrate with the natural bone tissue and actually become part of the facial structure. Other implants, notably silicone, do not integrate and can be removed at a later date. The implants are available in many shapes and sizes and your cosmetic surgeon will assist you in determining the right implant for you. Cheek implant surgery has been performed since 1956 and has an good record for safety.

If the surgery is being performed as a separate procedure, small incisions are made either inside the mouth or under the lower eyelid. The surgeon creates a small pouch or pocket into which he inserts the implant. Typically, dissolving sutures are used so there is no need for suture removal post surgically. When performed with other facial surgeries, the surgeon may opt to use the incision made for another surgery for the implants.

All surgery has risks; the most common risk is an adverse reaction to anesthesia. Post-surgical complications include infection and misplacement of an implant. If an implant is misplaced, additional surgery may be required to correct the problem.

If you are having cheek augmentation performed at the same time as other facial surgery, the cost maybe less. If you are planning more than one facial surgery, ask your surgeon about combining them. This reduces not only the cost of the individual surgeries, but may reduce overall recovery time since you will not require separate recoveries for each surgery.

Anyone considering cheek augmentation should consult with cosmetic surgeon specializing in facial surgery. You can locate local cosmetic surgeons online or through your Yellow Pages.