Cellulite, a huge problem faced by a huge number of people of all ages. For so long, many claimed that there was no cure for cellulite, and then liposuction came as a big hype for poor cellulite victims. A lot of people went under the knife to get the ugly, lumpy fat out of their life forever. Too bad the results were not found to be permanent as the fat again reoccurred, and at times, in even more quantity than before. After that, mesotherapy, another much hailed treatment for cellulite, was introduced. This method’s popularity was mainly because of its non-surgical nature. Yet, although its results were better than liposuction, this method, too, seemed to lack what it promised.

The major difference between liposuction and mesotherapy is that liposuction removes fat from fat cells while mesotherapy targets the fat cells themselves. An advantage of mesotherapy was that it had no downtime whereas liposuction needed at least two weeks of recovery time. It is possible to gain weight again after both the procedures, however, with liposuction, the new weight gain is at abnormal places.

TAT is based on radio shockwave therapy. The TAT breaks collagen in fibrous septae of the skin by sending pressure waves through the skin. Breaking up of collagen releases the skin and thus, results in the thickening of the dermis.

Normally, two or three sessions will be required in order to achieve the best results. Certain health conditions, such as osteoporosis, will prevent you from being a candidate. No side effects and complications are ever noted but some patients might experience slight bruising, yet, that is only temporary.

Consulting a physician prior to the treatment will help you make the right decision. The experts also provide post treatment consultancy and assistance in order to help you heal quickly. You must avoid certain food and medication a week prior to your UltraLipo treatment. Make up and showers must also be avoided.