Cellulite Treatment in Beverly Hills

The need for cellulite treatment in Beverly Hills has become quite essential, especially with over 90% of women being susceptible to having these fatty deposits under their skin in comparison with men. Despite the general misconception which links cellulite with obesity, many leaner women have had these fatty folds around their thighs and buttocks.

If you are a California resident and are wondering whether you should seek cellulite treatment in Beverly Hills or not, keep in mind that despite cellulite not being as fatal as obesity, it can still be dangerous. Aside from making you cover your body all the time, the curves of you knees and ankles will hardly be visible with the cellulite folds covering your thighs and calves.
So, what does cosmetic medicine have to offer you? Here are some of the methods used for cellulite treatment in Beverly Hills.


This French method for cellulite treatment was developed in the 1980’s and became patented in the Unites States quite recently. This technique uses a device that comes with two motorized rollers and regulated suction. The device creates a symmetrical skin fold which allows deep tissue mobilization, thus the reduction of cellulite.

Body Wraps

Most spas and cosmetic clinics offering cellulite treatment in Beverly Hills have adopted this method. Body wrapping involves enveloping body parts within linens that have been previously soaked in herbal extracts, mud and seaweed. The skin is massaged or brushed with products based on these before being covered in linen. With the body perspiring while being compressed by the linen, the body will shrink. Still, many can say that this is a more temporary cellulite treatment, however, if you have somewhere to go and want to look fab for a night, then body wraps is a good option.


In comparison with body wraps, massage is a more effective cellulite treatment. With massage, circulation and lymphatic drainage increases while muscular spasms and adhesion decreases. The manual kneading along with the lymphatic drainage results in smoother soft tissue and the elimination of fluids. Still, many consider this cellulite treatment problematic as it doesn’t standardize the amount of pressure applied like Endermologie.


Unlike the other mentioned earlier, this cellulite treatment is a surgical procedure for body contouring. Fat is removed from the reserve fat layers because targeting the cellulite-filled tissue may cause bleeding, swelling and scarring. Still, for those who would like to try this method, many clinics offer it.


In a clinic or spa offering cellulite treatment in Beverly Hills you will be able to find electrotherapy on their lists. Using electrical muscle stimulators (EMS), which are prescription devices used in physical therapy, a direct current with ions of salt penetrate the tissue and exert a therapeutic effect. This cellulite treatment can also be used for girth reduction, weight-loss and non-surgical facelifts.

There are many creams which boast about being the best cellulite treatment in the world, however, not many people have benefited completely from using them. If you want the best way to rid yourself of cellulite, visit your physician and find out what can suit you.