Celebrity Musicians Prepare for the Grammys

As fans around the world prepare for an exciting Grammy Award show on February 10th, by setting the timers on their TVs, celebrities have been preparing for the event for months. They must have the right outfit, hair stylist, makeup artist, nail technician, and so on, to look their best for the big gala. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg because the Grammys are huge to celebrities, and all eyes will be upon them as they walk down the red carpet.

All of us want to look our best, and the celebrities that are prized as the pinnacle of aesthetics are no different. While different celebs take the red carpet this Sunday for the Grammys, a number of them will have used cosmetic treatments in order to gain tighter stomachs, firmer skin, and clear pores. Whether it is a singer or an actor or a model or an athlete, you may be surprised who is willing to go under the knife for better features.

Non-Surgical Laser Treatments

A laser treatment can help turn back the hands of time, making this an extremely popular procedure that celebrities line up for. It may help to remove skin discoloration, freckles, and damage caused by the sun, while helping to tighten the skin. The latest laser treatments available to patients can also remove scar tissues, stretch marks, and even sagging skin, helping them feel more confident.

Laser Hair Removal

Still on the topic of laser, celebrities always ensure their skin is silky smooth and free of any unwanted hair, be that on their faces or their bodies. The best way to correct this is with laser hair removal. Even one session will provide noticeable results, although several sessions in the given area will be required to do away entirely with unwanted hair, but there is no downtime.

Botulinum Toxin

More commonly known as Botox, injecting skin with botulinum toxin creates much less flexibility and tightens up the appearance of facial features. Botox is one of the longer lasting solutions, since it can entirely eliminate select cells that cause the skin and muscles to bunch up. Botox, unlike a peel, will only be applied to certain regions, since over-usage would cause nearly no muscle movement whatsoever. Usually, a Botox injection will be applied to celebrities’ foreheads to combat wrinkles. Since it starts working quickly, Botox can be applied only a few days before a big event.

Countdown to the Grammys

In the land of cosmetic surgery, where else can a man or woman be treated to the best cosmetic procedures than in Southern California? Having said that, even celebrities who live on the East Coast will fly in to Beverly Hills, months in advance, to ensure they are in top form before appearing in front of the cameras at the star-studded Grammys.

Fans actually mark their calendars so that they can catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrities. It’s exciting to see them dressed to the nines, arriving at the event, and as they present awards to their peers. This special annual event is to music what the Oscars are to film, so it is truly taken seriously by those in the industry and every detail is addressed.