The Latest Cellulite Treatment Technology

Nothing is quite as frightening as that dimpled orange peel skin at the back of one’s thighs. Unfortunately, 90 percent of all women suffer cellulite, and it almost always boils down to genetics. While it is fairly comforting to note that no woman is alone in the never-ending battle against cellulite, the truth is that almost every single lady out there feels some form of embarrassment over her dappled skin. Whether it is on the thighs, bottom, stomach or upper arm, cellulite is something every woman wants desperately to get rid of. A large portion of the cosmetics and plastic surgery industry is dedicated to battling the problem. The question remains: Which is the best treatment and does it eliminate cellulite completely? Continue reading

Cellulite Treatment – Does it Work?

cellulite or orange skinAdhering to a balanced diet and getting regular exercise can have many positive effects on health and wellness, but getting rid of cellulite may require a different approach. Many people experiment with lotions and creams, but these non-invasive treatments rarely make a difference. The cosmetics industry may tout the latest topical application as a definitive cellulite cure, but surface treatments have left many people with unsuccessful results and a lifelong battle to find an effective solution. Cellulaze is a newer plastic surgery procedure that aims at getting rid of unsightly fat deposits at the source, and addressing cellulite on a structural level may produce effective results. Continue reading

Advances in Cellulite Treatments Show Promise

celluliteCellulite is an unsightly thing that affects a majority of today’s women. It is caused by a number of different factors like lack of exercise, poor diet, and simply old age. Toxins and fatty deposits often get trapped in fat cells, pulling on the surface of the skin, creating cellulite. There are many things that women can do in order to combat cellulite. Here are just a few: Continue reading


Cellulite, a huge problem faced by a huge number of people of all ages. For so long, many claimed that there was no cure for cellulite, and then liposuction came as a big hype for poor cellulite victims. A lot of people went under the knife to get the ugly, lumpy fat out of their life forever. Too bad the results were not found to be permanent as the fat again reoccurred, and at times, in even more quantity than before. After that, mesotherapy, another much hailed treatment for cellulite, was introduced. This method’s popularity was mainly because of its non-surgical nature. Yet, although its results were better than liposuction, this method, too, seemed to lack what it promised. Continue reading

Cellulite Removal: Know The Facts

cellulite removedCellulite is the name usually given to describe superficial deposits of fat under the skin, which may cause dimpling or “cottage cheese” skin. Almost all women past puberty will experience some amount of cellulite, and some men, though the condition is rarer for them. Cellulite is not necessarily related to obesity or poor health as even women with a healthy amount of body fat may still experience cellulite deposits. As a result it is not uncommon for women of a broad range of ages and body types to seek cellulite removal.
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Cellulite removal with the breakthrough OptiLipo system

Cellulite RemovalBEVERLY HILLS, CA, November 9, 2010 — Nine out of ten women suffer from cellulite, and labor in the seemingly-difficult chore of its removal. However, the removal of cellulite is no longer such a mystery, thanks to a groundbreaking new cellulite treatment regimen developed by Dr. Simon Ourian, medical director of Epione Medical in Beverly Hills.

The treatment combines Trans-dermal Acoustic Therapy (TAT) with Dr. Ourian’s distinct OptiLipo system. The result is a non-invasive cellulite treatment regimen which has helped many patients to begin changing the tide in what is for most women a lifelong battle against cellulite. OptiLipo, combined with TAT treatments, results in a visible firming and smoothing of the skin and improved skin texture and elasticity. Continue reading

Cellulite Treatments

Say Goodbye to Cellulite!Cellulite is the appearance of small pockets of fat on the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks of 90 percent of post-adolescent women. This uneven dimpling makes is a cause of distress for many and can occur in women of all sizes and shapes.

The Hormonal Connection

Cellulite tends to develop mainly in women undergoing a hormonal change. Puberty, pregnancy, and menopause are all examples of this. Hormones control lymphatic tissue, blood flow, fat storage and connective tissue buildup, all of which are factors of cellulite. Many different changes may happen to the fat layer over time, which can result in cellulite. And, as time passes, its appearance may worsen. A healthy lifestyle may help ease this problem and other treatments are available as well.

Treatments for cellulite focus on its appearance, not its elimination. Also, cellulite can continue to develop throughout out lifetimes, so no treatment can truly get rid of it. However, the appearance of cellulite can be improved by promoting drainage of the lymph nodes, tightening the skin, and enhancing skin tone. A holistic approach is the best way to treat this unsightly problem.

Popular Cellulite Treatments

Endermologie is a treatment that is FDA approved for cellulite reduction. Endermologie uses a set of rollers and regulated suction to massage away the cellulite. The massage stimulates blood flow and connective tissue growth, thus eliminating the cellulite. This procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical. It can also be used for skin toning.

OptiLipo is another treatment that involves small injections directly into the cellulite in order to dissolve it. The body then eliminates the fat with other waste. OptiLipo can be used on any section of the body that contains cellulite or smaller fat deposits, such as double chins or love handles.

Ultralipo is another advanced treatment for cellulite. It combines Transdermal Acoustic Therapy (TAT) and mesotherapy. The TAT treatment uses sonic waves to break up the collagen and releases the skin, smoothing out the texture. The mesotherapy then breaks down the fat tissue so that the body can rid itself of it. Patients may begin to see results soon after their last treatment, which can vary depending on the patient.

Massage in and of itself is excellent for increasing circulation and draining the lymph nodes. It can also relieve muscles spasms and gets rid of tissue buildup. Body wraps can cause temporary fluid loss due to compression and massage. They may use materials such as aloe, seaweed or mud. Unfortunately, massages alone will not decrease cellulite.

Electric muscle stimulators such as TENS units have occasionally been used to treat cellulite. The stimulators use a direct current to break up scar tissue below the skin, as well as fat cells and fluid pockets. Patients should be aware, however, that the FDA does not consider this type of treatment effective for cellulite.

Liposuction has been used to treat fat deposits and cellulite, but the focus is on fat areas, not the cellulite itself. Often, this distinction can be lost. In fact, when a great deal of fat is removed from an area that also contains cellulite it can make the cellulite look worse than it did prior to surgery.

Alpha-hydroxy acids and other creams and gels can help hasten the exfoliation process, which can help with new, tight skin growth. These are also not FDA approved for cellulite removal.

Losing weight can help shrink the size of fat cells, which will get rid of dimples. While diet and exercise can help reduce cellulite’s appearance, they can never eliminate it completely. It can, however, make other treatments more effective.

Help for Women with Cellulite is Here

Women who want to get rid of the common condition known as cellulite can do so with cosmetic procedures.

Life isn’t fair, especially when it comes to the condition known as cellulite. Although it is rare to find cellulite on men, up to 90 percent of women suffer from cellulite.

Cellulite, which resembles the unevenness of cottage cheese, are ripples in the skin found mainly on the thighs and the buttocks. The condition is due to a variety of causes including hormones, genetics, aging and more. Cellulite forms when collagen and elastin break down and fat becomes trapped in the lower dermis area of the skin.

Women who have always been thin may be surprised that they now have cellulite. It is a myth that only overweight women suffer from cellulite. You don’t have to be overweight to have the condition. Many females, who did not have cellulite before, are seeing it now, especially as they enter middle age.

Many people consider cellulite unsightly. Indeed, celebrity women never want to be shown exhibiting cellulite. In fact, it is common for celebrity photos to be retouched in order to hide cellulite. Clothing that is revealing such as bathing suits, short skirts and short dresses are a problem for those women who do not want to reveal their cellulite to the world.

In addition to a good diet and plenty of exercise, which are always recommended to reduce cellulite, today the embarrassment of cellulite can be reduced with the help of advanced cosmetic procedures.

What procedure will be best for you? You should consult with a doctor to determine the best cosmetic procedure to remove your cellulite. A top, qualified facility led by an experienced doctor will offer you a private consultation to review your condition and come up with the best therapy, without a cookie cutter approach. For example, Trans Dermal Acoustic Therapy, offered at Epione Beverly Hills, may provide results after three weeks without downtime. Patients may see a significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite will occur, ending the embarrassment of a “cottage cheese” appearance.

No Anthesthesia Necessary! At Epione, Cellulite Surrenders Without Surgery!

A question that gets asked regularly is, ‘What am I going to do about my cellulite”? At Epione, we have the solution. It’s a revolutionary treatment called OptiLipo, which combines mesotherapy and ultrasound acoustic waves that selectively break down fat cells and flush them away. A series of treatments may be necessary, but the best news is that results may be permanent if a patient remains the same weight after treatment? All without a single incision!

Non-Surgical Tummy Tightening

Get in shape and look hot for the summer with no downtime and without having to go under the knife!


Now that summertime is upon us, we get asked regularly, “What am I going to do about my cellulite?” At Epione we have the solution. It’s called Lipotherapy and it uses Radio Shockwave therapy to produce a pressure wave that passes through the skin and fat to impact the fibrous septae. Continue reading