Breast Augmentation – FDA Approves New Silicone Gel Implant

young woman with breast augmentationRecently, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved a new breast implant made from silicone gel. However, the FDA says that they have only approved the implant on the proviso that the firm Mentor Worldwide monitors the female users of it, and investigates its’ effects over the long term. On Friday, the agency granted approval to Mentor Memory Shape Breast Implants to begin using its new silicone gel implant in procedures involving females over 22 years of age, and to repair breast tissue in females of all ages.

This sanctioning means that there are now five gel-filled silicone breast implants on the market in the US, which have been approved by the FDA. In addition to Mentor, there are two other firms that supply these breast augmentation implants, Sientra and Allergan. These kinds of announcements are always likely to be controversial, but the FDA remains steadfast, claiming that women have a “reasonable expectation” of safety. Continue reading

Post-Mastectomy Breast Augmentation Options

post-mastectomy breast augmentationBreast cancer has always meant serious consequences for women. Advances in medicine have not only helped women treat this cancer effectively, they have also allowed them to identify its likelihood in the future. Unfortunately, the primary solution to this issue has usually been a mastectomy. Continue reading

Silicone Breast Implants More Popular Than Ever

breast augmentationBreast implants have a long and convoluted history in cosmetic medicine. Invented decades ago, doctors began preferring silicone implants in the 1960s. In the 1990s, though, a court case resulted in a nationwide ban on the use of silicone implants. Instead, surgeons and patients were only able to rely on saline for use in breast implants. In 2006, the ban was lifted. Since then, these types of implants have made a strong comeback and once again make up the majority of breast augmentation surgeries. Continue reading

FDA Approves Natrelle “Gummy Bear” Silicone Breast Implant

Breast implants are used for a variety of reasons, from the purely cosmetic or aesthetic purposes of enhancing one’s appearance through breast augmentation to reducing the appearance of scar tissue and reconstructing breasts after major surgery. While implants offer some of the best cosmetics based alternatives, traditional breast implants have been associated with complications, including tightening of the skin and hardening of the tissue around the prosthetic, the need to undergo further surgery in order to better situate the implant or to remove it entirely, an uneven or rough appearance, and the possibility of infection or leakage of the implant’s contents. Continue reading

What’s Hot in 2013 – New Breast Augmentation Options

Breast augmentation has always been one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in the world, but that hasn’t changed the fact that it doesn’t always look natural. Many claim that they can spot a pair of surgically enhanced breasts easily. They just look too round, too big or otherwise unnatural. Few cosmetic surgical procedures are going to look absolutely perfect for all patients, but breast augmentation procedures have gotten better, and it looks like they will continue to improve throughout 2013. Here are just a few breast augmentation trends to look for throughout the year. Continue reading

Natural Breast Enhancement Becomes Augmentation Alternative

The latest advance in cosmetic surgery is the combination of the two most popular choices in plastic surgery: breast augmentation and liposuction. Natural breast augmentation uses tissue from the patient’s body to create the increased volume and shapely contour that women seek in breast augmentation. This alternative has only recently been permitted in widespread use but is already showing great promise and unexpected benefits. Continue reading

Did Katherine Webb Have Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery rumors abound as Katherine Webb, the reigning Miss Alabama, is brought to national attention by commentators during the recent BCS National College Championship game. Simon Ourian, M.D. of Epione Beverly Hills joins the debate. Continue reading

5 Non-Surgical Techniques for Effective Breast Scar Removal

For a woman, her self-confidence can be made or broken by her general appearance. One of the body parts which women feel self-conscious about is their breasts. Scars caused by breast reduction/enlargement operations or other forms of surgery can be an embarrassing nuisance for women, however, with cosmetic medicine reaching new heights daily, getting rid of scars is possible through non-surgical breast scar removal techniques. Continue reading

Laser Breast Enhancement

You walk out of your home and head to your car. As you turn the key the neighbors watch. They are motionless and speechless at the elegance and beauty of your chest. You step into the restaurant and order a cup of coffee to go with your banana. After all, you’re a pretty woman on a healthy diet. The attending waiter’s jaw drops as he is totally blown away by the gorgeous steaming babe with a great chest who just placed an order. He keeps staring at you. He can’t help himself. Who doesn’t want to be in the spotlight? Glances of admiration are every woman’s desire. They can be yours too. Are some people born with magnificence? Yes they are? Does it matter? No it does not. After Laser Breast Enhancement, they’ll all swear you’ve been a queen of natural beauty. They wouldn’t be able tell if you underwent Laser Breast Enhancement or not. They never do. Continue reading

Small Breasts Enhancement

Do women with great breasts pass you by? Do you look in the mirror and frown? Well you don’t have to stay behind if you don’t want to. Don’t throw hope out the window just yet. You might be thinking of going for small breasts enhancement to enjoy a new look. There is no need to feel guilty about it. Breast augmentation is the most commonly performed surgical procedure for cosmetic purposes in the United States according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. So many women with small chests are undergoing small breasts enhancement and ending up smiling with satisfaction every time they look at their chests. Here’s some information on small breasts enhancement if you’re thinking about undergoing the procedure or recommending it to your friend. Continue reading

Sagging Breasts Treatments

It is, in fact, a fact that women feel best when they look the best. After their face, one thing that women are most concerned is their physical appearance and their body. A perfect body ensures that whatever you will wear will look good on you. Firm and propionate breasts are the most important part of a perfect feminine structure. Breasts enhance the beauty of women’s figure and give it the proportion and shape. The shape and size of breasts can affect both personal and social aspects of a woman. This is the reason that the breast treatments and surgeries are most common type of plastic surgeries especially in United States. Apart from enhancements and reduction among these common breast treatments are the sagging breast treatments. Continue reading

Large Breast Treatments

A perfect figure is all about proportions. The ideals for a perfect women body might have changed over the time but the right proportions have always been the attraction factor in women. The society has always been very shallow about the physical appearance of a woman, and even in the modern times nothing has changed. Women suffer a lot of criticism and emotional stress because of their breasts size. Where women with small breasts are looked down upon as lacking femininity, ones with larger ones also suffer social teasing and embarrassment. Continue reading

Gynecomastia surgery – For health and aesthetic reasons

Breast surgery is very popular among women. Women with bigger or smaller breasts can feel a lot better when these are enlarged or made smaller. Breast cancer is unfortunately quite common and breast surgery can help a woman to deal with results of the disease. There are not only women that are unsatisfied with their breasts however. More and more men acknowledge that they are not satisfied with their breasts and look for aid, aid which they can find in gynecomastia surgery which is basically plastic surgery for male breasts. Continue reading

Breast Plastic Surgery – Symmetry, Form and Beauty

Woman’s breasts are the archetype of her beauty. They symbolize her femininity and sensuality and they identify her as a woman. A woman and her breasts were the eternal inspiration for poets, painters, sculptors and other artists throughout the centuries. Therefore, a woman treasures her breasts much more than the other parts of her body. However, a woman also tends to be more critical when it comes to her body and her overall goal is to be completely satisfied with her appearance.
Continue reading

Things You Might Like to Know about Small Breasts Cosmetic Surgery

Some women are just naturally unhappy with their breast size. That is why they consider small breasts cosmetic surgery. If you are considering having this done, there are some things you might find interesting. You should know all you can about any surgery that you are considering and that is where we come in order to help you. With small breasts cosmetic surgery, you will find that there are different ways in which they can put the breast implant in. Some put it in from an incision made on the underside of the breast. With this form of small breast cosmetic surgery, you may wonder how visible the scar will be. It is said that if you are young, thin, and have not had any children, it may increase the chances of your scar being visible.
Continue reading

Epione Investigates Natural Breast Augmentation: Making Good Use of Bad Fat

Much as many women may lament the amount of fat in their bodies, there’s one place where not enough fat is sure to cause worries and woes: the breasts. Fat is the most important element in the size and shape of a woman’s breasts, and without the breast size and shape they desire, many women begin to look into augmentation procedures.

But is there perhaps a way to use one worry to resolve the other—a way to take excess fat from one part of a woman’s body and use it to enhance her breasts?

Dr. Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, is investigating just such an innovative procedure that is making headlines throughout the medical community.

The process involves transferring fat from one part of the body into the breasts. As one might expect, the procedure begins with liposuction. Liposuction using lasers almost always renders the fat unusable for transfer, while types that use ultrasound energy and pressurized water leave the fat ready for reuse elsewhere in the body.

One would naturally ask: is this procedure safe?

Naturally, many of the concerns that come from traditional implants, such as silicone, won’t occur with the fat transfer procedure. For example, as this augmentation is composed of body fat actually integrated into the existing tissue, one needn’t worry about the augmentation material rupturing. Also, as the augmentation is derived from the body’s own cells, there’s no risk of the body rejecting it.

That being said, Dr, Ourian is aware of the only recently lifted ban on using fat transfer for breast augmentation which raise valid questions concerning the safety of the procedure.

One concern includes the worry that the fat injected into the breast could cause calcification to occur creating a physical barrier to the accuracy of standard mammography tests. The medical community has not reached a consensus on this question, but a large number of doctors have responded with overwhelming approval of the procedure, especially as compared to traditional implant augmentation. As one doctor reported, new digital mammograms can easily identify calcification in the breasts, thus the mammogram is hardly impaired. Plus, when compared with the consequences of traditional implant augmentation, which block more than half the breast from the view of the mammogram, fat transfer augmentation begins to appear as a potentially safer alternative.

Another valid concern is whether or not enough of the fat transferred from one part of the body into the breasts will survive to call the procedure a success. Much like the first concern, there has not been an absolute consensus across the medical community about this question, but a large number of doctors agree that the likelihood of the fat surviving largely depends on the techniques used to acquire and then transfer the fat.

Thus, if the doctor uses the old, banned techniques, one can expect that a large percentage of the fat transferred will not survive and a second procedure will be required. Conversely, if the doctor uses the new techniques, one can expect 85-90% of the transferred fat to survive. If the doctor also implements new stem cell techniques, the transfer becomes even more effective.

Epione Laser Breast Lift Poised to Lead Breast Enhancement Trends

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — As advanced technology ushers in a new era in aesthetic procedures, Epione Medical Corporation continues to provide revolutionary new options for men and women seeking alternatives to common surgeries. Recently, the company introduced its trademark laser breast lift, a non-surgical breast enhancement procedure that firms and lifts the skin. Utilizing the CoolBeam laser, available exclusively at Epione’s Beverly Hills’ offices, the procedure eliminates undesirable sagging and delivers long-lasting results.

“Breast enhancement procedures are a highly popular option for women who want to turn back the hands of time, improve self-esteem and reclaim their sexuality, ” said Dr. Simon Ourian, medical director of Epione Medical Corporation. “Epione’s laser breast lift is ideal for women in their thirties or older who experience sagging or heavy breasts, and want an improved appearance without the invasiveness of surgery.”

Revolutionary Non-surgical Laser Breast Enhancement Procedure Offers Safe, Long-Lasting Alternative to Surgery

In 2009, breast enhancement outpaced all other cosmetic surgeries, according to recent data released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. However, while breast enhancement surgeries remain popular, many women still worry about scarring, loss of sensation, recovery time and other complications often associated with breast surgery. Epione’s laser breast lift, a revolutionary alternative that does not require a scalpel, eliminates common concerns, while successfully eliminating the damage done by gravity, age, pregnancy and other factors.

During the laser breast lift procedure, the laser light is absorbed by water in the skin cells around the breast tissue, removing extra tissue and tightening the collagen fibers in the surrounding skin. With each treatment, the skin appears softer and firmer, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

While the level of discomfort and pain varies for each patient, some temporary swelling and redness should be expected in the first few days after the procedure. Over-the-counter medication is typically sufficient to alleviate discomfort, however alternative pain relief may be recommended. After the procedure, most patients are able to return to work the following day.

“We are committed to providing our patients with cutting-edge, age-defying solutions that help them feel more confident, attractive and more in control of the aging process, ” said Dr. Ourian. “Schedule an appointment to come in and discuss how we can help you look and feel younger and more vital. With our advanced technology and trademark innovation, your options are endless.”

Los Angeles Breast Cancer Scar Tissue Removal

Every year, more Los Angeles cosmetic surgeons are being asked to do breast cancer scar tissue removal. More specifically, the scar tissue is the result of surgery done to treat breast cancer, like mastectomy or lumpectomy. Secondary surgical procedures can be done to remove scar tissue formed during previous breast cancer surgery. In fact, there are several breast cancer scar tissue removal experts in the Los Angeles area. These highly specialized plastic surgeons devote their entire practice to scar removal techniques.

For some luckier patients in Los Angeles, breast cancer scar tissue removal can be accomplished with non-surgical techniques. This is where the process starts for many people. Products like breast scar reduction creams, silicone scar sheets, and hydrogel scar sheets are used to reduce, lighten, and eliminate smaller scars. You will need to research any of these types of products, to see if you will be able to see any real results from the products. The best way to do this is to consult a cosmetic or facial plastic surgeon.
Laser surgery resurfacing can also be used to remove scar tissue. In the Los Angeles area, this is the most frequently used breast cancer scar removal technique. Los Angeles breast cancer scar tissue removal patients have experienced great success from the technique. The technique involves eliminating scars by strategically removing small amounts of scar tissue at a time. The Intense heat of the laser dissolves the scar tissue. It can often take several treatments to accomplish the goal of scar removal, but the technique is very safe, and has few side effects.

Scar reduction surgery is another very popular Los Angeles breast cancer scar tissue removal procedure. The technique involves a true secondary surgery, so it is typically only performed on patients who have truly deep, significant scarring from their breast cancer surgery. The physician will need to do a full initial evaluation, to set up a treatment plan, and set goals for what will be accomplished during any secondary surgery. Often dermabrasion is used in conjunction with this type of surgery, to help eliminate scarring in areas that cannot be surgically removed.

For some people in Los Angeles, breast cancer scar tissue removal surgery may be the only viable option. This tends to be especially true for darker skinned women. It is not always understood why, but darker skinned women tend to just develop more scar tissue from surgery. The issue of getting skin pigmentation correct may also come into play, when a Los Angeles breast cancer scar tissue removal expert makes an evaluation of how to remove bad scarring. The emotional effects of breast cancer surgery can be very devastating. So, you will want to seek help from a qualified surgeon. This is your best option for eliminating scarring that can often be the result of breast cancer surgery.