Botox – Can A Pillow Reduce Wrinkles While You Sleep?

Contrary to popular opinion, sleep does not relive wrinkles. In fact, according to a statement released by the American Academy of Dermatology, sometimes sleep even may cause wrinkles. The statement claims that sleep lines formed when one rest his/her head on a pillow at night eventually become permanent imprints on one’s skin surface. The academy further indicates that men and women get sleep wrinkles on different parts of their faces because most women sleep on their side and tend to develop sleep wrinkles on their chins and cheeks, while men, who commonly sleep face down, tend to develop wrinkles on their foreheads. Continue reading

Botox – Another Medical Condition Treatable by The Wrinkle-Busting Drug

Botox injectionMany people know that Botox is one of the best treatments available for sagging skin and worry lines, but new research has emerged to suggest that this cosmetics operation has more medical value than previously thought. Jean One woman, a 75-year old retiree from New Jersey suffered from chronic overactive bladder, a condition that kept her constantly on the lookout for the bathroom wherever she went. She recently thought that she was unable to participate in group activities with friends and family on account of a condition that effectively forced her to stay in close proximity to the nearest facilities. Then she found out how Botox does more than treat wrinkles. Continue reading

Botox – “The Fonz, ” Henry Winkler Raises Awareness for Botox Therapy to Relieve Muscle Spasticity

middle aged womanMost people will probably remember Henry Winkler for his iconic role as the ‘Fonz’ in the 1970s American sitcom ‘Happy Days’. While the actor has enjoyed success away from that particular TV classic too, he recently raised the issue of Botox.

When many people hear a Hollywood star talk about Botox, they immediately assume it must be for reasons of plastic surgery. The train of thought typically assumes that another vain star is ironing out the wrinkles in their face for a heap of money. Continue reading

Botox Treatment for Migraines

Botox injectionMigraines can affect people of all ages. They can strike at any time and last for days. When these headaches occur, a person is likely to enter a dark and quiet room and apply ice to the head. Migraines can make a person withdraw from daily activity. There are numerous remedies that people often try, but these items usually only offer temporary relief. Despite this feeling of hopelessness, there has been a discovery in the cosmetics industry, which may be a more long-term cure. Continue reading

Botox – More Popular than Ever with 20-Somethings

young female getting Botox injectionBotox is considered a staple in today’s anti-aging treatments, but it is actually just one of several products utilizing a very mild form of the botulinum toxin—the same neurotoxic protein that causes life-threatening food poisoning in larger doses. Botox is actually a trade name but the term has been used to refer to products that use the toxin to correct wrinkling. The efficacy of Botox in smoothing out foreheads and laugh lines explains its popularity among men and women in their late 30s, 40s, 50s and even beyond. What is surprising is that Botox is also finding its way in the faces of women in their 20s. Continue reading

Botox – More Men Getting Injections Than Ever Before

Botox injection administered by a professionalThe world economy has taken a turn for the better in the last few years. Among the many industries that have seen an improvement are those that produce automobiles, the retail sector as well as real estate. Aside from those mentioned above, another industry that has been in tremendous demand is that of plastic surgery. Reports suggest that 14.6 million beauty based medical procedures were conducted in the past year. These procedures are by no means budget friendly, but there are more than enough people willing to spend on plastic surgery, Botox treatments and cosmetics.

Increasing number of people going for Botox

People have this inherent desire to look good despite the state of their finances. Recession is something that hasn’t really affected the beauty industry. Some of the most popular demands are non-surgical procedures designed to reduce visual signs of aging in the face.

Botox injections fall in to this category and are in high demand. Across the country, it is by far one of the most popular procedures requested. As per statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Botox was at its peak demand in the past year with 6.1 million injections administered.

Women aren’t the only ones

Smoothing out wrinkles is a concern among many of today’s men too. Figures show that the number of men using Botox has nearly tripled since 2001, with a 258 percent jump in that frame. This data confirms that Botox is becoming equally acceptable for both women and men.

Men have even coined some new terms for this cosmetic procedure, such as “Brotox” and “Boytox.” Men too have begun to get onto the “looking young” bandwagon. Today, cosmetic doctors claim that as high as 30 percent of their patients are men. This includes both married and unmarried men who would like to look good even while indulging in their rugged activities.

How young does it start?

When questioned, young men say that they would not really consider plastic surgery in their 20s. However, most of them would resort to dying or coloring their hair by the time they hit their 40s if necessary. While many women start getting cosmetic surgical treatments as early as 35, when it comes to men, plastic surgery mainly starts to become a consideration around the age of 60.

Botox – The World’s Most Popular Cosmetic Procedure

No cosmetic procedure receives more attention or sees more doctor visits than Botox, but new concerns are being raised about the safety of injecting the botulinum toxin into one’s face in order to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. In the past ten years since its legalization, Botox has rapidly become the most popular cosmetics operation, with thousands of women in New Zealand alone getting injections each year — along with an increasing number of men. But is it safe for people to use this toxin, a known poison, in order to get the aesthetics of skin and muscle that they want? Continue reading

Botox – Will it Make You Happy?

Botox injectionWhile it is easy to use cosmetics to conceal blemishes and less appealing features on the face, there are various cosmetic procedures that people undergo to enhance their appearance, and consequently experience longer lasting results. One of the most common options is Botulinum toxin, which is commonly known as Botox. People who go for Botox treatment do so in order to deal with issues such as facial lines and crows’ feet, and once they go through the procedure, they achieve a more youthful look. However, this also comes with other affects that may be beneficial or otherwise. Continue reading

Martha Stewart – Botox and Juvéderm

Celebrities are known for their beauty, even into old age. Aside from plastic surgery, most stars follow a particular beauty routine in order to maintain their appearance. For example, Martha Stewart has recently revealed how she has managed to look and feel good, even at age 71. Continue reading

Johnson & Johnson to Unveil New Anti-Wrinkle Drug to Compete with Botox

Can It Be Bigger and Better?

However, the new drug is likely to find it tough to win over the market mainly because Botox performs so well. To outdo its competitors, the new drug has to work faster, produce long lasting effects, and/or be more affordable than Botox. The good news for J&J customers is that they have brilliant researchers who produce great products. Even with that, loyal Botox consumers might take time to switch to the new product because Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, has built a strong brand.

Will J&J Add Medical Benefits?

Some of its other medical uses include treating migraines, overactive bladders, and sweaty underarms.

Joining the Competition

Granted, several companies have already introduced anti-wrinkle cosmetics treatments in a bid to wrest market share from Botox including MerzPharma Group’s Xeomin and Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.’s Dysport. However, the aforementioned drugs have only yielded a paltry 15% market combined. J&J expects to grab the number two market spot ahead of Dysport and Xeomin.

Morningstar believes that competition will be quite fierce in emerging markets where Botox has not made serious inroads such as South America and Asia. In addition, the drug is likely to find acceptance among people looking for the next big revelation that can deliver superior cosmetics results particularly in terms of youthful and wrinkle free skin.

Botox – Is it A Viable Treatments for Depression?

New studies have brought back to life the “motion is emotion” theory, which suggests that if a person cannot make a certain facial expression, in this instance frowning, he or she is less likely to feel discontented or depressed. This argument states that the brain cannot read the muscular movement that is associated with anger and thus, the individual who has the treatment will not feel angry. It is postulated that cosmetic treatments that freeze our expression can make an impact on our emotions. If so, should depressed people be given Botox? Continue reading

Botox Online Deals – Are They Bad for Your Health?

When one browses online, they may find daily deals, including websites that offer unbelievable deals for chemical peels, fillers and even Botox. While these coupons provide the ability to stretch the dollar further, be wary when it comes to cosmetic enhancement. Keep in mind that there is more on the line than the balance of one’s bank account. Continue reading

Botox Safety – What You Need to Know

Ever since it was discovered that Botox injections could create a more youthful look, many people have sought these injections in order to turn back the clock. Unfortunately, visiting a doctor to have this cosmetic procedure can be very costly. The expense of getting an injection from a medical doctor has led many people to seek out cheaper methods of obtaining Botox injections. Continue reading

Can Botox be Used to Treat Depression?

Vanity has always gotten the best of many people, especially those who are willing to sacrifice health in exchange for good looks and youth. This is one human characteristic that has made cosmetic surgery the billion-dollar industry that it is today. True, there are people who end up enjoying the good results of cosmetic procedures but there are also others who do not do so well. A small percentage, perhaps by virtue of carelessness, unscrupulous medical practices and bad decisions, suffer needlessly, their looks damaged, sometimes irreparably. There is a fine line that divides beauty and health. Continue reading

Botox – Six Step Checklist

Botox injection administered by a professionalThe advancements in aesthetic medicine means consumers have the option of choosing from many different non-surgical procedures. Botox injections remain the most popular method of treating wrinkles and physicians administer millions of treatments annually. Here are six recommended steps for patients to follow prior to undergoing a Botox treatment. Continue reading

The Good and Bad of Botox

Dr. Simon Ourian injecting BotoxBotox is the latest in cosmetics treatments. However, as convenient as these treatments are, there are concerns about the effects and a lot of misunderstanding on the part of patients who seek them out. Continue reading

Can Botox Help Treat Depression?

The connection between physical appearances and mental health may not be as far apart as some people might think. A Dermatologist from Maryland has recently published a book suggesting that the tightened facial muscles that he targets with Botox injections may lead to depression. The findings, presented in “The Face of Emotion: How Botox Affects Our Mood and Relationships” suggest that the psychological condition of depression is based upon more factors than simple life conditions or brain chemistry. These findings could incorporate aspects of aesthetic medicine into mental health treatment that previously were considered two very separate entities. Continue reading

Botox for Bladder Control – FDA Grants Approval to Allergan

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved the use of Botox in treating bladder control problems such as over activity. According to a statement released by the FDA, this move will offer some relief in cases where other drugs have been ineffective or failed entirely in treating bladder control. Some studies have proven that Botox injections relax bladder muscles and significantly increase the bladder’s capacity to hold urine for long. Continue reading

Botox Treatments on the Rise for Men and Women

Early Signs of Aging

From the time a person is born through their 20’s, and for some, even into their 30’s, their faces exhibit few if any lines. However, as time goes on, a host of factors such as age, the sun, diet, and stress can wreak havoc on the skin. This damage often first becomes apparent in the appearance of lines around the mouth, on the forehead, around the eyes, and more. Continue reading