Acne – Is a Cure Around the Corner?

One may be forgiven for thinking that bacteria causes acne or even consider viruses as possible a possible cause. But is acne really caused by bacteria or reactions to the bacteria? Researchers have recently been dedicating their efforts to isolating the causes of acne in an effort to eliminate the pesky condition. Continue reading

Acne – Researchers Find Good and Bad Acne

It’s a skin condition that leaves millions begging for brighter days. It can elicit worry in even the most self-assured. Acne is one of the most undesirable conditions out there today. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most ubiquitous. 85% of the population will have experienced it. It’s like an unfortunate rite of passage; after all, it primarily effects our youth. Those undergoing the hormonal changes of puberty are apt to be more affected. Yet they’re not the only ones, not by a long shot. Even adults may still suffer from severe cases of acne. Even if new pustules don’t develop, scars from the past can constantly degrade confidence. Continue reading

Treatments For Adult Acne

Teens are not the only ones that get acne, a surprisingly large number of adults have an acne problem as well. There are a growing number of treatments to help adults with this problem. It helps to understand the causes of adult acne so that appropriate steps can be taken to cure the problem. Continue reading

The Effect of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels have been done for centuries—as early as ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome. They are used to create a smoother appearing skin that is generally perceived as more attractive. You get results almost right away and you don’t have to be in a hospital to have it done. It helps get rid of acne scars, pigmentation unevenness, wrinkles and fine lines. Continue reading

Blue Light Facial

Thankful to the advancement of science and man’s never ending struggle for betterment, the quest for beauty didn’t end with highly invasive plastic surgeries. Cosmetic surgery has come a long way now and non-invasive, quick and affordable cosmetic treatments are the new catch. Blue Light facial therapy is effective in many skin problems that include acne, skin discolorations, melasma, freckles, hyper pigmentation, varicose veins, spider veins, dark under eye circles and rosacea. If you have any of these problems and do not wish to go under the knives, then the Blue Light facial is the perfect treatment for you. Continue reading

Adult Acne and Acne Scar Treatments

The best treatment for acne can change depending on the patient and the physician. Some of the more popular products include Retin-A, Cleocin-T, erythromycin and tetracycline. But medication alone may not solve the problem.

“A good portion of my practice is devoted to dealing with acne and acne scars, “ says Doctor Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills. “As if it’s not bad enough to suffer from acne in the first place, I’ve seen the ongoing emotional toll acne scarring can cause for patients twenty or thirty years later.” Continue reading

Do You Have Adult Acne?

Most people think of acne as something that affects only teens. But did you know that 50 percent of adult women and 25 percent of adult men suffer from it as adults? Regardless of age, you may find yourself with acne problems. Fortunately, there are plenty of new treatments on the market to help combat this issue.

What Causes Adult Acne?

So why is it, after using every cleaner and soap on the market, you can still find yourself with pimply skin? According to research, acne is caused when:

  • Bacteria reproduce at an excessive rate
  • Pores are blocked by oil and debris from the sebaceous gland
  • The sebaceous glands are large and produce a great deal of oil
  • Genetics and hormones usually play a large role in acne problems. It can also be caused by side effects of medications, pregnancy hormones, menopause, stress, oily makeup and profuse sweating.

When a pore is blocked by bacteria and oil, it cannot function correctly. This can lead to whiteheads, swelling, pus or fluid filled bumps, and scars. As with teens, adult acne often affects the face. However, it can also affect the arms, buttocks, legs and torso.
Adult acne can leave sore, itchy, burning spots on the face. It can also be physically distracting, leading to low self esteem. Adults who rely on their appearance for work or relaxation are especially interested in treatments and remedies.

Accutane No Longer Available for Acne Use

Roche, creator of Accutane, is removing its acne fighting drug from the market after battling multiple court cases filed by angry patients.

Accutane was approved by the FDA in 1982. It was prescribed for severe cases of acne as a solution when other treatments had failed. The medication came with many risky side effects, such as birth defects, depression and suicide. According to the lawsuits, many of the patients developed inflammatory bowel disease as a result of taking Accutane. In addition, they claimed that they were not adequately warned of the risk.

The company, however, states that their decision to no longer produce Accutane has nothing to do with the lawsuits. They note that there are many other competitors on the market, and many of them are generic formulas. This has resulted in many patients choosing the less expensive treatment over Accutane itself. In an official statement, the company “stands by the safety of Accutane and the rigorous risk-management program Roche developed over decades of cooperation with the FDA.”

Accutane has already been removed in many other countries, such as Spain, Dennmark, France, Germany and Norway. The United States is one of the last to do so.

Fortunately, all is not lost for severe acne sufferers. Coolaser and Coolbeam, both treatments available at Epione Medical Center, are effective in the treatment of acne without chemicals.

Big, Beautiful—and Breaking Out

Your weight can cause problems with acne.

Being a person of generous proportions can be a wonderful thing. You never have to worry about anyone seeing your ribs, you have a healthy appetite, and, if you happen to be a woman, you have curves that other women can only dream about. Unfortunately, you tend to be worse off when it comes to acne.

Doctor Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, sees patients in all shapes and sizes. He explains that “carrying extra weight can lead to several skin conditions.” Doctor Ourian contributed to this article and goes on to say: Here are some of these conditions and what you can do about them. Your diet may be high in fact and sugar. This means an increase in the amount of sebum (oil) in your skin and it will clog your pores. This, of course, leads to breakouts. The goal is to figure out how to get your skin to shed this oil, as opposed to having it stay on your skin. Changing your diet can help; eating meals higher in fiber and protein instead of fat and sugar can help your skin clear itself up. In the meantime, wash your skin regularly and use a cleanser designed for acne control. Pay attention to ones that have no soap or oil in them, otherwise you may find yourself breaking out due to dry skin.

As a large person, you may also notice that you sweat more than your skinnier counterparts. This is mainly due to the fact that you generate more body heat than they do with a lot less effort; great on a freezing cold day, but very irritating on boiling hot ones. This sweat, coupled with the oil mentioned above, can also clog your pores and lead to acne. There a very simple way to deal with this. Again, wash your skin regularly. Removing the sweat will keep it from causing breakouts and will also keep you smelling fresh and clean.

The healthiest way to handle all of these skin problems is to lose the weight one way or another. Along with the previously mentioned change in your diet, an exercise program is a great way to burn those calories. You don’t have to do anything overly strenuous to begin with. A walk around the block is the perfect beginning. As you notice your stamina improving, gradually work your way up to more strenuous activity. And do your exercise with a friend or at the very least an iPod, to keep yourself motivated. The best bonus of all is that not only will you notice a change in your skin, but a change in your overall health as well. You will find yourself with more energy and, in the long run, a longer life span. Of course, before you start any type of exercise or diet regime, check with your doctor to make sure it will work for you. At Epione we offer nutritional counseling and a weight loss program for our patients. The weight loss will result in clearer skin and an even more wonderful you.

Acne and Your T-Zone

When many people think of treating their acne, they mostly think of the T-zone—that area that is made up of the forehead and the nose. But that is not the only spot that breaks out. Breakouts can happen on the cheeks, the back, even the chest. And these breakout spots can be aggravated by simple activities you do every day. We spoke with Doctor Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills and here is his input on the irritants and how to avoid them, as well as how to treat them.

Breakouts on the cheeks can be caused by oily hair constantly making contact with your face. In particular, wearing your oily hair down can make this situation worse. Also, sleeping with your hair pressed against your face (courtesy of your pillow) will also cause breakouts. Makeup products that contain mica, a mineral that makes blushes sparkle, can clog pores and lead to this problem. And last but not least, the brushes themselves could be contaminated with bacteria, especially after long use.

In order to avoid this, change your linens frequently. If cannot wash your hair nightly, wear it up when you go to bed. Even a simple ponytail or bun will keep it out of your face and keep you from having breakouts. When you wake up in the morning, make sure that the first thing you do is wash your face. For makeup, especially blush, avoid products that contain mica and use others instead. And make sure your brushes are washed and changed regularly.

Back and chest issues can be caused by sweat and friction. If you work out regularly, you will be more prone to flare-ups. Bike helmets can chafe your chin, which in turn can cause acne. Also, if you have a favorite accessory that you use to hold large items, like a backpack or a purse, the straps on these can potentially irritate your skin in the same way. Make sure you wear workout clothes that allow your skin to breathe, as opposed to keeping oils and sweat in contact with you. Shower right after your workout, and use a cleanser that is designed to remove dirt and oil from the skin on your acne spots, preferably one that is formulated for facial use. Find another way to carry your items that will not chafe you. In fact, a simple remedy might just be to wear some sort of padding under the strap, or move the item around. Purses can be switched from one shoulder to another; backpacks can be carried by their top strap. And bike helmets should be allowed to dry out thoroughly before the next use.

Lip line acne might be the worst of them all. No one likes the idea of not being able to kiss due to a painful pimple. The cause of this is fairly simple—lipstick and other lip makeup. If you use foundation on your mouth as part of your daily routine, then this might also be part of the problem. The issue is that many of these products have pore clogging wax or petroleum in them. Use a lip makeup that does not contain these ingredients, and take it off at the end of the day with the rest of your makeup.

Acne in any place other than your T-zone can be an unwelcome surprise. But it can be treated effectively and quickly.

Carbs and Acne

“Your carbohydrate intake can affect your acne, whether you are a 17 year old girl or a 55 year old woman, “ says Doctor Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills. “Normally we think of carbohydrates as a category of foods for our diet, or the main ingredient of our favorite comfort foods. Everything done well is done in moderation, however, and carbs are no exception.” Yes, the idea of an elderly woman still having trouble with acne may strike most as odd, but it happens, and it is just as irritating at retirement as it was at puberty.

“Yes, “ continues Doctor Ourian, “I’ve written before about certain foods causing acne as being a myth. Specifically, people are often told to stay aware from certain types of food such as chocolate or junk food. Greasy food may not be good for your waistline or overall health but it, like the other foods mentioned, is not a cause of acne.”

“I stand behind what I said earlier but there is a school of thought that the glycemic levels of food may impact the acnes of some patients, “ states Doctor Ourian. “In this article we will discuss carbohydrates and acne in this article, as well as how the GI (glycemic index) comes into play.”

The way carbohydrates work is that they provide quick fuel for the body. You would eat, say, an apple, and your body would break it down into its components, one of which would be carbohydrates. The carbs would then travel throughout the body and give your cells the energy they need to function. The problem comes when you eat carbs that are high on the glycemic index scale. These tend to increase the insulin in your body, which increases the oil and sebum in your skin. The oils and sebum are food for the bacteria that naturally live in your pores; if there is more, then the bacteria will increase. This results in clogged pores and, of course, acne. But there is a way to avoid this.

The GI index was created by a doctor who wanted to help diabetics find carbohydrates that didn’t greatly upset their blood sugar. Notice that when you eat a bowl of sugary cereal, for instance, your body will have a lot of energy, but then suddenly crash around lunch. This is due to the refined sugar in the cereal, which tends to be absorbed quickly. The GI index ranks foods according to their impact on blood sugar levels. The lower the impact, the less insulin has to be used to use the carbohydrate. If a person with acne chooses low GI carbs to eat instead of high GI, they will be better able to manage their insulin level, and as a result, their acne as well.

Examples of low GI foods include things like plain wheat flour muffins or coconut flour pancakes. Lest you think that every low GI food has to be made from scratch or with unusual ingredients, Coca Cola and V8 Splash smoothies also count on the list. These items might surprise the average diner, but they do count.

Done correctly, low carb dieting can help anyone with acne problems, and will also help create a healthy diet.

The Coolaser Skin Treatment For Acne

A new procedure helps treat acne for all skin types.

How do you treat your acne? Do you squeeze your pimples? Do you use expensive creams and abrasive pads that irritate your skin and leave you blotchy and uncomfortable? Do you wash your face religiously and hope that the pimples disappear before any important events? There are many different ways to treat acne, but as you can see, they can range from useless to scar inducing. And many of these treatments don’t take people of color into account, whose skin will develop raised scars if not treated correctly. Well, worry no more, because Epione Beverly Hills has developed a skin treatment called the Coolaser that gets rid of acne and other skin problems.

So how does Coolaser work? The skin is cooled down using a combination of numbing cream and super cooled air, and then a rapid pulse laser is flashed on the area. The light instantly vaporizes the skin cells on the first layer of skin. Your body then begins to replace the old skin cells with new, younger looking ones right away. A moisturizing cream is applied to your skin right after the procedure, soothing your skin and eliminating dryness. Since the lights treat at a depth of one ten millionth, this means a faster recovery time and less scarring for you. Before you know it, in 15 minutes or less you’ll be back on the town!

The lack of scarring is what draws olive and darker complexioned people to this method. Keloids, or raised scars on the skin are not an attractive option for many people. In fact, they may feel as though they’re stuck. If they treat the acne using conventional means, it may not work and they wind up with acne scabs and scars. If they use more high tech methods, it may go wrong—and they could still end up with scabs and scars. Coolaser avoids the entire problem by not overly damaging the skin. Scar tissue doesn’t have a chance.

Patients that have had Coolaser treatments typically report that the procedure only causes mild discomfort that usually fades soon after the treatment. Best results are usually obtained by staying out of the sun and using the creams provided. In particular, users who suffer from severe acne report a dramatic improvement in their looks and skin tone after having Coolaser done. After having suffered from acne for years, they can finally have the smooth skin they’ve been waiting for all their lives. Many wish they’d discovered the process sooner, and most recommend it to anyone with a skin problem.

There’s no better way to treat severe acne than Coolaser. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s effective. Men and women can use it. So can any skin type, without fear of scarring. The fast recovery time and dramatic improvement are an added bonus as well.

Acne, Acne, Acne

Acne treatments can be effective with the right technique.

Acne is a common disease of the pilosebaceous unit, which is made up of a hair follicle, sebaceous gland, and a hair. Most pimples form on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders because these are where the quantity of pilosebaceous units is greatest. A substance called sebum is the produced by the body in order to keep the hair and skin moisturized. Unfortunately certain bacteria use sebum as a nutrient. The more sebum present, the more bacteria will be present too. Sometimes these bacteria will attract white blood cells that, in turn, produce an enzyme that allows the contents of the hair follicle to enter the dermis leading to red bumps and pustules. Sometimes sebum will plug up the hair follicles leading to whiteheads and blackheads.

Many treatments are available for acne these days, including a number of home remedies. Unfortunately, these remedies can range from completely ineffective to downright dangerous. Professional treatments can be overly expensive and also ineffective. In addition, these popular treatments tend to work on lighter skin tones. Olive and darker skin tones tend to develop keloids, or raised scarring on the site of treatment. However, there is one treatment available that is not only effective, but suitable for all skin types. Coolaser treatments, done by Epione in Beverly Hills, are successful for every shade of skin, avoiding scarring and other complications.

The Coolaser treatment is a very simple procedure. The surface of the area to be treated is cooled down and a special light is used to destroy one ten millionth of an inch of skin at a time. This allows for more detailed treatment of blemishes; the Dermatologist can stay on the surface or go deeply as needed. This ensures the best result possible.

There are advantages to the Coolaser treatment. As stated before, it works well for every skin treatment. In fact, Coolaser is preferred by people with darker complexions. The healing time is considerably lessened as well, since Coolaser does not rely on intense laser use. The treatment can be used on different parts of the body, such as the face and neck. And last but not least, Coolaser is an outpatient procedure. The entire process takes only 10–15 minutes.

People who have used the Coolaser treatment have nothing but positive things to say about it. One person on the site writes that she used to have a terrible acne problem as a young woman, which continued into her adult life. She tried a number of different treatments, but nothing seemed to work. As a last resort, she tried the Coolaser treatment. Initially, she worried that the results would not be what she was looking for, but as the treatments progressed, her skin gradually cleared up. As a result, she highly recommends it to others.

Coolaser treatment is an excellent way to treat lifelong skin blemishes and acne. It is faster and allows for a quicker healing time than other methods, and works no matter what your skin color.

Best Help for Adult Acne

Men and women no longer have to suffer the embarrassing results of adult acne. Dr. Simon Ourian has developed the Coolaser, a system he believes offers a real answer to adult acne.

Beverly Hills, California ─ Dr. Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, has developed the Coolaser, maybe the treatment help for adult acne and available exclusively at Epione.

Teenagers are not the only ones who suffer from acne. Acne vulgaris, or acne, affects over 16 million adults. Dr. Simon Ourian, of Epione Beverly Hills, explains what acne is: “People who’ve never had acne may not know that it’s one of the most common skin diseases. Generally, it develops in the teens but can continue for some into their 20’s and beyond. Acne results from the overproduction of oil by the sebaceous glands that then mix with dead skin cells to clog the pores of the skin. These clogs are a breeding ground for bacteria which in turn may lead to neighboring tissue causing redness, swelling and bumps or pimples.”

In fact, 25 percent of adult men and 50 percent of adult women will suffer from acne. Where can acne appear? It can be seen on the face, back, chest, and other areas. Therefore, not only will acne affect the face, one third of adults will also have it on other areas of their bodies.

What are some of the causes of adult acne? Stress, hormones, medications, birth control pills, harsh facial cleansers, makeup, a poor diet, even sweat from the gym have all been cited as sources of adult acne. However, Dr. Ourian warns, “Acne misconceptions abound. Diet, sweat and stress are often inaccurately blamed as causes of acne.”

Although people expect to see acne in teens, when adults have to deal with the condition it can be emotionally and psychologically damaging. A lifetime of acne can lead to low self esteem and self worth.

Consider these scenarios: a man faces his colleagues in a meeting room. He wonders if they are focusing on his presentation or if they are staring at his acne. It affects his delivery and confidence. A woman avoids the mirror as much as possible, too ashamed to look at the acne on her face. She worries about the photo she is scheduled to take for her company and the fact that it will eventually appear online. Will she be considered the ugliest female employee on the company’s website? She knows no amount of makeup can truly hide the acne underneath.

Dr. Simon Ourian, the Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, understands adult acne and the effects it can produce. He designs individualized treatment plans that deliver real and lasting results. Those plans can include Coolaser, a product developed by Dr. Ourian and available only at Epione. As Dr. Ourian explains, “With the Coolaser, I can literally sand down the surface of the skin so that the acne scars are less deep. I’ve worked hard over the years to develop the technology and technique that allows me the control necessary to remove only as much as needed, maintaining as much of the healthy skin as possible.”

Acne Fact and Fiction

Everyone has dealt with acne at one point in their lives. There are plenty of myths out there about the causes and cures for acne.

Does greasy food really cause acne? Have you passed on that chocolate bar because you were scared of breaking out? Fear no longer. Scientists have been unable to find a correlation between diet and acne. Don’t overindulge though – a poor diet can result in many other health problems.

Tanning has long been heralded as a solution for acne. While it may work in the short-term, tanning may actually lead to more breakouts in the future because sun damage dries out and irritates the skin. Washing your face too much and scrubbing the skin can result in dryness and irritation as well resulting in more breakouts.

For great looking skin always wear sunscreen, such as our EPIONE Sunblock – Protect & Correct