Can Botox be Used to Treat Depression?

Vanity has always gotten the best of many people, especially those who are willing to sacrifice health in exchange for good looks and youth. This is one human characteristic that has made cosmetic surgery the billion-dollar industry that it is today. True, there are people who end up enjoying the good results of cosmetic procedures but there are also others who do not do so well. A small percentage, perhaps by virtue of carelessness, unscrupulous medical practices and bad decisions, suffer needlessly, their looks damaged, sometimes irreparably. There is a fine line that divides beauty and health.

Face of Emotion

People experience depression for a variety of reasons, and symptoms may manifest in a myriad ways, but negative thinking may be characteristic for most individuals struggling with depression. Everything may seem lacking if one is experiencing a low mood, and routine activities may not seem worth completing if people, places, and things seem hopeless to them.

Symptoms of Depression

Normal activities like bathing, dressing properly, and putting on makeup may seem like a waste of time, and listlessness and unkempt appearance may only make matters worse. A constant state of scowling, frowning, and looking sad in general may display lines and wrinkles to everyone that one may encounter, and what they view in the mirror may seem to validate their unhappy way of living. Botox may offer a surprising way to address your depression both inside and out.

Can Botox Alleviate Depression?

Depression can also leave one feeling and looking older than their years, and several research studies have reviewed the effects of Botox on depressed individuals. Botox is most commonly known as a remedy for alleviating frown lines, but it also serves to relax the muscles of the forehead, which can stop migraine headaches and turn off the body’s corrugators that produce frowning. An improved appearance may signal a more positive mood to someone and to the people around them. This may demonstrate the potential for Botox to lessen depression as well.

Feeling better about oneself may have a positive effect on one’s view of the rest of the world, and everyday encounters may become less burdensome. Feelings of emptiness, sadness, despair, anxiety, and worthlessness may start to fade.

Botox for Wrinkles

In controlled amounts and when administered by a licensed medical professional, Botox can be one of the safest and most effective solutions to keep wrinkles and the frowns that cause them at bay. If Botox does get proven to be effective against depression, then perhaps it’s time to look at it from a different point of view, one where its use extends beyond the aesthetic advantage.