Brown Spots on Face

Freckles and dark brown spots on face may be one of the most annoying facial features that you would want to remove as soon as possible. Post pregnancy, sun exposure, aging, liver diseases, hormonal disorder or simply your genetic makeup can trigger brown spots on face. The direct reason, however, behind the brown spots on face is the overproduction of melanin in your skin. This is also trigged by the UV rays of sun that fall on your face making it rough due to the breakage of collagen fibers and elastin. Whatever the reason may be, nobody finds brown spots on face attractive.

The primary initiative that most people take is the use of a whitening cream for the removal of brown spots on face. Select a whitening cream that you can wear during the daytime and make sure it has a sunscreen with SPF 15. Save yourself from sun exposure as much as possible. Select a whitening cream that is most suitable to your skin type, and it is better to opt for creams which contain organic and natural ingredients mainly. Ingredients such as fragrances, mineral oils and alcohol can cause your skin to dry out so it is advisable to use natural herbal products. The main functionality of a whitening cream is to lessen the production of melanin. Others may remove brown spots on face by bleaching the skin.

Another treatment for removal of brown spots on face is laser treatment. It is the most quickest, most efficient and the least invasive of all. The treatment makes use of a highly concentrated laser beam that is shinned on the skin, then absorbed by oxyhaemoglobin and melanin in the blood. This destroys the unwanted cells that produce melanin by overheating them, thus leaving the healthy cells undamaged. Normally this mode of treating brown spots on face is convenient and less painful. It is also reliable and has less recovery time. Also 70 percent of the people who have gone through this treatment claim that their brown spots on face were completely removed after just a single treatment.

Lastly, chemical peels are also very effective in the removal of brown spots on face. This mode is most suitable to people who have many brown spots on face. Chemical peeling is a healthy method and saves its users from the risks of pigmentation problems. An acid is smeared on the skin to take off the dead skin after the treatment, leaving a fresh layer behind. The acids that are used are usually natural and organic fruit acids or alpha hydroxyl acid, so you don’t need to worry about the side effects.

As for home remedies, they may take longer time for the complete removal of brown spots on face, but they prove to be most effective and promise the least of side effects. The most common home remedy is mixing lime juice with yogurt. The lemon juice can itself be applied to the areas of brown spots on face until they fade away. This will only help if your skin is not allergic to lemon. For those whose skin is sensitive to lemon, they may use another remedy which consists of a mixture of apple cider and vinegar diluted with water.