Breast surgery – All that might interest you

Breasts are a valuable asset of every woman. Through the history, female breasts have been a symbol for motherhood and femininity. For a woman, breasts are also a delicate part of her body and therefore they must be treated with care since they might cause some problems of both physical and psychological nature.

We can say with certainty that in the world of aesthetic surgery, breast surgery has truly made a breakthrough. With all the possibilities available nowadays from the reconstructive to purely aesthetic surgical procedures, plastic surgery for the breast has advanced greatly. Breast surgery has made many women, regardless of their age and location, more satisfied with their life and appearance.

A common problem, most women face before coming to the plastic surgery center, is their breast size. Many women feel discontent by having smaller breasts and therefore they are seeking a professional advice from aesthetic surgeons and clinics. However, some women have a problem of completely opposite nature — their breasts are too large. This problem may result in a constant pain and many other unpleasant situations and health issues. A breast surgery, in the purpose of reduction, will be the only possible solution for this problem and many women feel comfortable doing it.

Breast lifting surgical procedure has also gained a lot on popularity and many women are seeking this operation in order to solve a problem of heavy or sagging breasts. These problems are usually caused by aging, even though many women may face this problem after pregnancy.

Plastic surgery for the breast in the purpose of breast lifting will come as a great solution to make your breasts appear younger and firmer. This procedure doesn’t require the use of implants, and after completing breast lifting, your natural breasts will definitely look great in any clothing.

During this type of breast surgery, excess skin and tissue will be removed and the nipples will be repositioned. As mentioned before, this procedure does not require the use of implants even though it could be combined with an augmentation breast surgery.

Any cosmetic surgery for the breast will require realistic expectations from the patient. A qualified and professional plastic surgeon in this field will give his patient a realistic prognosis on the result he hopes to achieve.

When it comes to reconstructive breast surgery, there is a possibility of reconstructing a whole new breast with autologous transfer of the tissue. Tissue and fat used in this procedure will come from the abdomen or back of the patient’s body. Another way of recreating a new breast would be with the use of implants filled with saline or silicone. Many women have submitted themselves to reconstructive breast surgery after having a mastectomy due to breast cancer and they feel very happy about it.

Doing a breast surgery has many advantages, such as being able to fit your clothing better, having a nice and attractive décolleté, feeling good about yourself and your looks, feeling attractive and sexy.