Breast Plastic Surgery – Symmetry, Form and Beauty

Woman’s breasts are the archetype of her beauty. They symbolize her femininity and sensuality and they identify her as a woman. A woman and her breasts were the eternal inspiration for poets, painters, sculptors and other artists throughout the centuries. Therefore, a woman treasures her breasts much more than the other parts of her body. However, a woman also tends to be more critical when it comes to her body and her overall goal is to be completely satisfied with her appearance.

The true beauty of a woman comes from the inside and it reflects to the outside world through her body. Nevertheless, she needs to feel perfect about her body in order to truly reflect her beauty to the outside world.

Breast plastic surgery may have an answer to the breast related aesthetic concerns you might have. The most common issues when it comes to female breasts are large, small and sagging breasts. With a professional‘s advice and the best care you may be able to gain the most from your breast plastic surgery when it comes to both health and beauty.

When breast plastic surgery is mentioned, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind are breast implants. So what exactly are breast implants? A breast implant, used for breast plastic surgery, is a form of prosthesis which is used in reconstructive surgical procedures or augmentation. It has a purpose of altering the shape and size of a woman’s breast.

However, breast plastic surgery procedures can be both reconstructive and cosmetic. Cosmetic plastic surgery involves breast enlargement and reduction while reconstructive breast plastic surgery is usually done after a mastectomy, which is a surgical procedure that involves removal of a breast usually due to a breast cancer treatment. This could be done either with breast implants or with autologous transfer of the tissue where tissue from the back or abdomen and fat is being used.

Reconstruction breast plastic surgery usually involves more than one surgical procedure. Extra procedures that could be done include operation on the opposite breast so it could match the reconstructed breast better, adding a nipple and changing the size, shape or both of the reconstructed breast.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery of breasts the most common procedures, as already mentioned, are breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty), breast augmentation (augmentation mammaplasty) and breast lifting (mastopexy). A cosmetic procedure for breast enlargement may include just augmentation of breasts with implants or breast lifting and you could even combine both procedures.

A breast augmentation is a surgical treatment for women who have breasts that are smaller in size. With the help of a breast plastic surgery professional a woman with this problem will be advised on the appropriate procedure. If her choice falls on the breast implants, she will be advised on the size of implants according to her weight, height and other important physical characteristics.

The opposite of breast enlargement, breast reduction is a surgical treatment for women who have breasts they consider too large in size. Larger breasts may cause physical problems and daily pain, not to mention that a woman, with larger breasts, may not feel very comfortable while engaged in  certain physical activities such as jogging, running, gym, etc.

Breast lifting or mastopexy is a procedure which helps women who have a problem with sagging breasts. This problem comes with aging, change of weight, pregnancy and breast-feeding, etc. Mastopexy procedure involves repositioning areolar complex of the nipple to a higher location on the chest.