Amazing breakthroughs in cosmetic surgery – Waking up the sleeping beauty

Today, cosmetic surgery has advanced to a great level. Cosmetic surgeons have many solutions to offer to their clientele when it comes to the corrective and cosmetic surgery procedures and cosmetic treatments. Cosmetic surgery solutions have a purpose to transform your appearance, maintain your beauty and youth, and give you one more reason to be fully satisfied with yourself. Before making a decision on any permanent change that can be done on your face, skin or body, you should learn more about the procedures offered and consult with experts in this field.

These procedures can be divided in a few categories. Procedures and treatments done on a head and facial area, chest and breast area, abdomen and trunk area, skin surgery and treatments as well as the hair treatments, are opening doors to the modern age.

These procedures are not only popular and done by women, men are also getting more and more familiar with cosmetic surgery and its advantages. Making a positive change, removing unwanted flaws of the human body and transforming into a healthier and more satisfied person are the achievements Epione’s team is working to accomplish every day.

With the latest trends in this field, Epione is proud to offer Acne scar, stretch-marks, mole and tattoo removal, Coolaser, CoolBeam, Cosmelan, CoolFractional Laser treatments, Botox injections, OptiLipo, hand rejuvenation and vein treatments are some of the treatments done on a human body giving it a more youthful and appealing look.

Cosmetic surgery of the facial area has also many options to offer. Shaping parts of your face to achieve a desired look and rejuvenating your skin will contribute in an overall feeling of satisfaction and wellness of your inner and outer being.

The face is the most exposed part of one’s body. It is subjected to many outside influences and therefore it tends to age much faster, and through time it will need more attention and a proper care. A face lift surgery will have a positive impact on your face and it will return its youthful look. A nose surgery for example, will not only help in an aesthetic way but it can also solve breathing problems caused by a nose deviation. Treatments done with Radiesse or Juvederm or Restylane maybe used to fill unwanted wrinkles and give your face a fresh look.

Cosmetic surgery is not about creating fake beauty. It is about recreating and sustaining the natural beauty of an individual. Waking up the sleeping beauty from within and stepping into the modern world while using the advancements given, is one step towards a new life and inner happiness.