Botox treatment in Los Angeles

Botox Los AngelesBotox! Is it a new synonym for beauty? Gaining extreme popularity as a very efficient anti-aging, anti-wrinkle agent, Botox treatments really can work miracles. The best aspect of Botox treatment is that it is a non-surgical procedure with no incisions at all. Botox actually is a muscle relaxant solution that can be used as a treatment of wrinkles and lines including the crow’s feet, laugh lines, lines between the eyebrows and horizontal forehead lines. Botox is now also thought to be a very effective treatment for migraines and excessive sweating. In any case, the before and after results of Botox have shown remarkable change for many patients. Contrary to what some believe, Botox has shown to be a safe skin treatment agent.

With many of our Tinsel town celebrities being a walking exhibit of Botox’s efficiency and popularity, where else can you find better Botox treatment than in Los Angeles. Botox treatment in Los Angeles has been successfully used for more than ten years now. Epione is offering the best Botox treatment in Los Angeles. Some significant reasons for choosing Epione as your stop for Botox treatment in Los Angeles are;

  1. As a Black Diamond Allergan Epione is among the top 1% of Botox providers in the US.
  2. Epione uses of 100% pure Botox.
  3. The Allergen products used by Epione are authentic.
  4. Epione’s Botox benefit program includes a 10% discount for repeat clients.
  5. Epione will provide free touch ups within 14–21 days of the initial treatment.

You might be wondering how something can can work so effectively without cosmetic surgery. Well there are a few things to know about Botox and the procedure of Botox treatment in Los Angeles. As we mentioned earlier that Botox is a muscle relaxing agent. Botox is actually Botulinum Toxin diluted with saline. The solution is injected into the muscles through a very fine needle. It blocks the transmission in the nerves of surrounding areas and weakens the muscle. This reduces the contraction and the wrinkles gradually start to soften and even disappear in some cases.

The Botox works only for the underlying muscle of the injected area and not for the ones surrounding it, therefore, more then one injection might be needed depending upon the area to be treated. One great aspect of Botox treatment in Los Angeles is that it is carried out without any anesthetics. The results are typically visible in only a few days of the treatment and can last up to 3 to 6 months. The Botox treatment in Los Angeles is barely a 15 minutes procedure and the patients can resume their routine activities right away.