Botox Safety – What You Need to Know

Ever since it was discovered that Botox injections could create a more youthful look, many people have sought these injections in order to turn back the clock. Unfortunately, visiting a doctor to have this cosmetic procedure can be very costly. The expense of getting an injection from a medical doctor has led many people to seek out cheaper methods of obtaining Botox injections.

Cheap Botox Injections

Unfortunately, this search for cheaper Botox injections has led to some very unfortunate results. When a person is looking for cheap Botox injections, they often forget that this is a medical procedure. Botox injection parties have been called an epidemic in this country. The injections may be done by people who are completely unqualified to do this procedure. In some cases, local health officials have to issue a cease and desist order in order to stop people from providing Botox injections illegally.

In one case, an esthetician in Kennewick, Washington was accused of injecting Botox without a license. There are many dangers that can occur when a person with no medical training provides these injections.

Complications from Unlicensed Practitioners

A case like this should be an isolated incident, but local doctors say that injecting Botox without a license is epidemic. This is a problem because without the proper training, injecting Botox can carry huge safety risks. Receiving an injection from someone who lacks the proper medical training can lead ptosis, which will give an uneven appearance to the face, and in some extreme cases, facial paralysis.

Rather than taking the risk to their safety, patients should always turn to a qualified medical professional, ideally an experienced physician. Another person who has been arrested for illegally injecting Botox was O’Neill Ron Morris who ran an injection business that endangered the safety of many people. Many of the people who went to Morris for work were injected with substances other than Botox. For this Morris is currently serving a prison sentence.

Guaranteeing Safety

There are many dangers associated with low-cost Botox that is produced in China or other third world countries. The materials are often low-grade. FDA standards require that all practitioners licensed in the United States only work with certified authentic Botox materials in order to protect patient safety.

Find a Qualified Physician

A physician should have adequate training in how to inject Botox properly to create a youthful appearance. Often, when a deal sounds too good to be true, the consumer should immediately be suspicious. It is very likely that the person who is doing the injection is not medically or legally qualified to do so. If one is planning to have Botox injections, they should research the facility in advance and be sure that a medical doctor is present on the staff to ensure patient safety.