Botox – More Men Getting Injections Than Ever Before

Botox injection administered by a professionalThe world economy has taken a turn for the better in the last few years. Among the many industries that have seen an improvement are those that produce automobiles, the retail sector as well as real estate. Aside from those mentioned above, another industry that has been in tremendous demand is that of plastic surgery. Reports suggest that 14.6 million beauty based medical procedures were conducted in the past year. These procedures are by no means budget friendly, but there are more than enough people willing to spend on plastic surgery, Botox treatments and cosmetics.

Increasing number of people going for Botox

People have this inherent desire to look good despite the state of their finances. Recession is something that hasn’t really affected the beauty industry. Some of the most popular demands are non-surgical procedures designed to reduce visual signs of aging in the face.

Botox injections fall in to this category and are in high demand. Across the country, it is by far one of the most popular procedures requested. As per statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Botox was at its peak demand in the past year with 6.1 million injections administered.

Women aren’t the only ones

Smoothing out wrinkles is a concern among many of today’s men too. Figures show that the number of men using Botox has nearly tripled since 2001, with a 258 percent jump in that frame. This data confirms that Botox is becoming equally acceptable for both women and men.

Men have even coined some new terms for this cosmetic procedure, such as “Brotox” and “Boytox.” Men too have begun to get onto the “looking young” bandwagon. Today, cosmetic doctors claim that as high as 30 percent of their patients are men. This includes both married and unmarried men who would like to look good even while indulging in their rugged activities.

How young does it start?

When questioned, young men say that they would not really consider plastic surgery in their 20s. However, most of them would resort to dying or coloring their hair by the time they hit their 40s if necessary. While many women start getting cosmetic surgical treatments as early as 35, when it comes to men, plastic surgery mainly starts to become a consideration around the age of 60.