Botox checklist

  1. Who is providing the treatment? Go to an experienced MD. Seek referrals from friends, family and other doctors.
  2. Botox should only be injected in a physician’s office with sterile instruments and under strict medical guidelines. A hair or nail salon is not a safe place to receive Botox.
  3. Make sure a medical doctor (not a Registered Nurse or technician) examines, consults and administers your Botox. The use of prescriptive injections such as Botox for cosmetic reasons is the practice of medicine. A Registered Nurse cannot inject you with Botox unless they’ve received a directive/prescription from a licensed physician AFTER that physician has conducted an in-person physical examination of you.
  4. Make sure you receive and understand any post-treatment instructions.
  5. Make sure that the Botox you’re being injected with is the authentic product manufactured by Allergan. Authentic Botox vials have an Allergan hologram, lot number and expiration date, and are made in California.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.