Treatment: Botox. Individual results may vary. Results not guaranteed. Photos courtesy of Allergan Inc.

Botox Before and After Photos

Do you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror only to see the lines in your face getting deeper day after day? Are you happy about it? Did you know that there is a safe, easy, way for you to not have to live with it anymore? Today there is. Most lines in the face are caused by facial muscles repeatedly scrunching skin up until, as your mother always told you it would, your face effectively sticks. With Botox you do not have to accept that. Have a look at these incredible before and after pictures of Botox patients to get an idea of the dramatic results that could be yours simply by paying a visit to us at Epione of Beverly Hills.

Botox works by relaxing the muscles of your face that are holding your skin into the wrinkled shape that you have grown to know and tire of. The above gallery of before and after Botox pictures will give you an idea of exactly what sort of affect this product has. Contrary to a common misconception, Botox will not significantly limit the movement of your facial muscles and you should expect to still have essentially your full range of facial expressions. You may notice that in many of these before and after pictures of Botox clients that some of the people are making exaggerated faces. This was done intentionally to give you a clearer idea of the sorts of wrinkle areas Botox is most effective at treating. As you can see in these before and after pictures Botox is particularly effective at treating wrinkles on the forehead, between and around the eyes, and around the mouth.

Botox has been made popular by the many famous celebrities who have turned to Botox to maintain their youthful appearances. These before and after pictures of Botox patients are a good example of why celebrities would use Botox, and why it may be a good option for you. If you are noticing wrinkles of the sort or in the areas that you see in these before and after pictures of Botox clients we encourage you to come into visit us at Epione of Beverly Hills for a consultation and let us give you a good idea of what Botox can do for you.

When you are living in a world that possesses the technology that exists today, why would you choose not to take advantage of it for your own gain when so many others have. Because let us face it, physical appearance is the first thing that people are going to notice when they meet you, and it is the first thing that they are going to judge you on. So why not do everything you can to make sure that your appearance is the best it can be? If wrinkles are hiding the person that you are, Botox may be able to help you, but you do not have to take my word for it, look at these before and after pictures of Botox clients and see for yourself.