Beauty Routines of the Oscars’ Red Carpet Stars

No stone is left unturned or rather no beauty treatment is ignored by celebrities before walking the Red Carpet at the Oscars. The Oscars is, without a doubt, one of the most popular global events, and a walk on the red carpet is witnessed by millions across the world.

Effortless Beauty

On the night of the Oscars, celebrities on the red carpet are supposed to look effortlessly beautiful. In most cases, these stars are wearing the perfect cosmetics and the best dresses, and they look absolutely stunning. However, achieving this look is certainly not effortless. Celebrities spend virtually every moment from their nomination until the evening of the Oscars preparing for the big night.

For the premiere event, every celebrity wants to look his or her best when they are under the spotlight. The dresses that are worn are crafted by the world’s best designers, and to do justice to the dress and the occasion, Hollywood celebrities begin to make preparations to look their best well in advance of the big date.

Emergency Liposuction

Celebrities devote a lot of time to finding the right dress and choosing the most flattering cosmetics. However, that is a small step in the preparation process. They also have to take steps to ensure that they will look and feel good in their selections. As part of this process, celebrities log countless hours with trainers and nutrition experts. The extra pounds that are still left after these efforts often need to be taken care of using last minute liposuction treatments.

Diet and Exercise

Starvation diets, strict exercise regimens, visits to spas and regular beauty treatments are faithfully done. The high definition cameras capture even the minutest blemishes and flaws. Detailed scrutiny and dissection of every feature of the celebrities at the Oscars has made all kinds of beauty treatments utmost necessities.

Emergency liposuction treatments are popular on common problem areas like just under the shoulder blade. Targeting this spot makes sure that their backs are smooth, and it eliminates the chance of having a bulge of fat protruding over the top of a strapless dress.

The demands by the media, fans and Hollywood are huge, and every nominee seeks the help of top cosmetic Dermatologists for the best available beauty treatment. The best-dressed actor tag is what all those who walk the ramp desire, and the perfect face and figure is also the ticket to lucrative endorsements.

Last Minute Remedies

All of the work that goes into preparing for this event does little to diminish the stress associated with the big night. Some celebrities turn to anti-anxiety medications like Xanax to help calm their nerves. Others even get Botox for their underarms.

Celebrities have to lose weight, yet look healthy and glowing. Top cosmetic Dermatologists use the latest procedures to get perfectly toned arms, legs and glowing skin. Last minute liposuction, Botox and other procedures are performed by the best in the world to create the most perfect body possible.