Beauty – Is Gold the Latest Anti-Aging Secret?

Finding the secret to reversing aging is something with which the cosmetics industry will likely always be obsessed. As science marches on and companies continue their research, there will always be new discoveries made. One of the latest compounds found to be helpful in the fight against aging seems to be nothing less than actual gold. While it may seem odd that this precious mineral would be used in the cosmetics industry, it is already causing quite a stir. New technology has met a timeless symbol of wealth, and the results seem to be something that everyone should take a bit of time to observe.

Cosmetic Gold?

Despite the rising price of the metal, gold has become something of a new cosmetic buzzword. Thanks to scientific advancements, gold can now be broken down into a sort of “nano-gold” that can be more readily absorbed into the skin. When mixed with certain mineral compounds and creams, gold is reported to rejuvenate the skin and to turn back the clock on aging. The products are, as one might expect, not exactly inexpensive but they certainly already have devoted adherents.

Does it Work?

Does gold work for fighting the signs of aging? It largely depends upon whom you ask. Most scientists claim that gold’s cosmetic ability is something that is still yet to be determined, with a high likelihood that most of its rejuvenating power coming instead from the other minerals used alongside it in the various cosmetics on the market. Those who have used gold, however, point towards their own improved looks as proof enough that the substance works. Science may still be unsure as to whether or not it is the most useful cosmetic secret of the modern age, but its adherents seem to have already heard enough.

Gold and Safety

It is considered a safe beauty alternative. Manufacturers have claimed that the so-called “nano-gold” is perfectly safe for use, and the legions of women who have made use of beauty treatments have reported no ill effects outside of the norm. While detractors do have their doubts as to the overall safety of the gold (especially in terms of lodging in pores and other body parts), the cosmetics industry seems to consider the product safe enough to market to multiple income levels. If there are worries, then, they have less to do with safety and more to do with actual results.

The Jury is Still Out

At the end of the day, the jury is still out on how effective gold might be for fighting aging. While all of the scientific data is certainly still be compiled, one only needs to look at the women who use it to make a decision. Whether or not it is the most effective substance out there does not seem to matter. What does matter, however, is how it makes people feel. Having a bit of gold does wonders for the ego, and it often seems that might be enough to turn back the hands of time.