Beauty at the Extremes

Depending on the type of change one desires in their appearance, there is a wide range of treatment options available. From cosmetics with nourishing ingredients to exotic beauty treatments and plastic surgery, to find the one that can get you the best results, make sure you consult a qualified, certified, experienced and skilled physician.

According to a recent article in New You magazine, several extreme beauty treatments are practiced across the world in a bid to beat the aging process. And for those not willing or brave enough, the ingredients from these treatments that provide benefit have been reworked into many over the counter consumer products.

Extreme treatments

Vinotherapy, practiced in France, uses wines in a therapy that promises skin free of cellulite and wrinkles. The Japanese swear by pigeon poo that contains natural enzymes, urea and the amino acid guanine for brighter and smoother skin. Leech therapy of Austrian origin and the snail facial from Siberia may sound disconcerting, but are becoming increasingly popular as people look for beauty treatments that offer something new.

It’s Important to Be Safe

Prior to undergoing any of these extreme treatments, one should ensure that he or she is a candidate for the procedure. If one has an inflammatory condition that leaves skin red and dry, a treatment with pigeon poo may not be the best treatment.

The Science of Beauty

Research indicates that we perceive people with a symmetrical body and face to be more attractive. Similarly, we also tend to assume that a beautiful person is more friendly, interesting or intelligent. Given that most of us unconsciously submit to these assumptions, it is not difficult to understand the human desire for an attractive face and body.

Traditional alternatives to extreme treatments

If one is averse to these extreme treatments, they can opt for natural cosmetic formulations to tone and nourish natural skin. Laser therapy or other minimally invasive procedures may clear the surface of acne, scars, discoloration or moles. Contemporary cosmetic treatments help deal with a range of facial problems, especially wrinkles along the smile line.