Fat transfer to face – Get Those Luscious Lips You Always Dreamed About

Fat transfer to the face? Sounds kind of strange, doesn’t it? I mean why would anyone want to get fat transferred to their face? Well believe it or not fat transfer to the face is now a fairly routine procedure that many adults opt for. Fat transfer to the face is done in order to fill up lips and general depressions on the face. Did you always fantasize about having luscious full lips like Angelina Jolie? Yes? Well then a fat transfer to the face is what you need.

Now for all you health conscious people out there, there’s nothing to be alarmed about in this procedure. The fat transfer to the face procedure makes use of one’s own fat and then injects it into the face. Not only will you have a fuller more beautiful face but there’s a chance that the fat they remove from your body (thighs, abdomen) will actually make you look much slimmer!

Now that you are aware of the benefits let’s get to know just how the procedure takes place. The first step of the fat transfer to the face procedure is identifying the body part where you want your fat taken out off. This fat is most commonly taken from the abdomen area. The extracted fat is then processed and cleaned and is immediately injected into the lips or the face, whatever part you have chosen. Don’t expect a huge improvement after the initial surgery, the results only start to show after two or three more sessions have been conducted. After that, you only need to pop into the clinic every year or two for routine checkups.

The fat transfer to the face procedure is not without its side effects. People who have had a fat transfer to the face procedure may experience side effects such as a burning sensation, stinging or painful throbbing in the operated area. There’s also a possibility that the operated area could turn reddish or experience some swelling too.

The injections used to inject fat in the face may prove to be a painful experience for some people. People who feel uncomfortable with such injections can ask their doctors for some anesthetics. Doctors routinely prescribe some local anesthetics to their patients all the time, such as the one’s used in dental surgery. The fat transfer to the face procedure is fairly quick and requires no lengthy recovery time, so there’s no need for strong anesthetics.

Before you decide to embark on a fat transfer to the face procedure it is highly recommendable that you first make sure that you have not taken any Aspirin or Ibuprofen for the last 48 hours. This can complicate matters. There’s no need to take such pain killers as before fat transfer to the face procedure. The physician applies a numbing injection which makes sure you feel no pain during the entire procedure.

So what are you waiting for, contact us right now and book your very own fat transfer to the face procedure right now, to get that those luscious lips you always wanted!