Epione Ranked #1 on Botox Website

sexy caucasian woman March 11, 2010, Beverly Hills, CA — If you’d like to get Botox injections but don’t know where to get started, www.botoxcosmetic.com can help. The official website of Allergan, Inc.’s wrinkle busting Botox, has all the information you could want plus a find a doctor function. This allows a user to type in their address, or even just a zip code, to locate a physician nearest to them. Epione Medical Corporation, a Black Diamond Allergan account, is the first result for the zip code 90210.

To use www.botoxcosmetic.com, simply go to the site. The “Find a Doctor” function has a zip code field; enter your zip code, and the site will help you find a qualified doctor that performs Botox injections with within a radius (up to 25 miles) you select. You’ll notice that the most experienced doctors are at the top of the list. For those wanting more information on Botox side effects or Botox before and after photos www.botoxcosmetic.com is an excellent source. Botox injection prices vary by physician; consumers are advised to do their research prior to their office visit.

Botox is most often used to treat cosmetic based wrinkles and laugh lines on the face. It is derived from botulinum toxin-a, which can cause botulism in its natural state. However, cosmetic Dermatologists and other qualified physicians use only a purified form. Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles in the injected area to eliminate the flaws. Multiple injections are given in the treatment area; results can be seen almost immediately.

Studies have also shown that Botox can be effective for other uses as well. One experimental treatment is the use of Botox to manage migraine headaches. According to the American Headache Society, 80% of 271 patients who were treated with Botox for their headaches stated that the pain was less frequent and/or less intense.

www.botoxcosmetic.com Find a Doctor tool makes it simple to find the most experienced Botox injector in your area. Type in zip code 90210 and Epione Medical Corporation is ranked #1.

In addition, many of them had been overusing medications to relieve their pain. Also, they suffered little to no side effects, and Botox treatment was often cheaper than the standard drug treatment. The exact method of relief has not yet been determined, but tests indicate that Botox may eliminate tension in certain muscles around the head. Botox has also been used to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), dystonia (involuntary muscle contractions), and other conditions. These uses have not yet been approved by the FDA, but they are still believed to be very effective.

Botox should only be administered by a medical professional; self injection or “Botox parties” is not recommended and considered very dangerous. It is important to find a doctor with experience in performing your specific procedure. One type of error that can occur is directing the injection at the point of the wrinkle, when it may be that the injection should be directed in the area of the muscle contraction. And when you find a doctor that can do the injections, check your doctor’s qualifications. Has he or she done the procedure before? Where was he or she trained and in what specialty? How many times has he or she done this?