Cellulite Removal: Know The Facts

cellulite removedCellulite is the name usually given to describe superficial deposits of fat under the skin, which may cause dimpling or “cottage cheese” skin. Almost all women past puberty will experience some amount of cellulite, and some men, though the condition is rarer for them. Cellulite is not necessarily related to obesity or poor health as even women with a healthy amount of body fat may still experience cellulite deposits. As a result it is not uncommon for women of a broad range of ages and body types to seek cellulite removal.

Given that cellulite begins to develop in the period around puberty hormonal factors are considered one of the dominant causes of cellulite formation that may warrant cellulite removal. Even women who do not develop significant cellulite during puberty may later in life when they undergo another hormonal change like pregnancy, menopause, or the beginning of taking birth control pills. For these reasons, even women who thought they would not develop cellulite may find cellulite removal desirable at a later point in life.

There are many treatment options for cellulite removal. Unfortunately, because cellulite is a symptom of the bodies natural fat storing process there is no permanent cellulite removal option, and in order to maintain a cellulite free appearance, multiple cellulite removal treatments sessions will likely be necessary. A multi-prong approach at cellulite removal is usually most effective and can help slow the return of cellulite after a cellulite removal procedure.

If you are considering cellulite removal you should educate yourself about the variety of options you have available. For example, did you know that there are many non-surgical treatments available for cellulite removal? These treatments vary from massage to use of ultrasound or acoustic wave therapy (AWT) to break apart the fatty deposits that cause the appearance of cellulite.

Surgical options for the removal of cellulite include liposuction. If you are considering liposuction you should be aware, not only of the risks associated with any cosmetic surgery, but of the fact that liposuction is primarily used to remove localized areas of deeper fat, and may not achieve the cellulite removal goals you were hoping for.
Whatever option for cellulite removal you choose to pursue, after your procedure it will be important that you do two things. First pay close attention to the post cellulite removal care instructions that your doctor gives you, and second, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The healthier you are the slower your body will replenish fat supplies and the slower you will see a return of the presence of cellulite.

The length of the actual cellulite removal treatment will depend on the option you select, and the price will vary as well. The best candidates for cellulite removal are educated about the options available and have realistic expectations about the sorts of results that cellulite removal can achieve. Once you have researched cellulite removal options you should consult with a doctor who will help you determine what, if any, cellulite removal procedure is appropriate for you.