Botox Treats Chronic Migraines in Beverly Hills

In the City of Beauty, Botox is used for more than just erasing wrinkles.

Do you suffer from chronic migraines—those mind numbing, excruciating headaches that literally knock you out for the day? Are you sick of taking pills when you feel one coming on? Well, here’s an alternative—Botox. When most people think of Botox, they may think of Hollywood ladies with far too much money and time getting together to inject a numbing toxin into their faces. Not only is that is that an outdated stereotype but it ignores the true therapeutic value of Botox. Not only does it help eliminate the signs of aging, but it has been shown to effectively treat chronic migraines. And the best place to make sure this treatment is done properly is by having it done at Epione Beverly Hills.

According to the American Headache Society, 80% of 271 patients who were treated with Botox for their headaches stated that the pain was less frequent and/or less intense. In addition, many of them had been overusing medications to relieve their pain. Also, they suffered little to no side effects, and Botox treatment was often cheaper than regular drug treatment. The exact method of relief has not yet been determined, but tests indicate that Botox may eliminate tension in certain muscles around the head. These muscles usually indicate the onset of a migraine. Injections are normally given near the brow and on the scalp and forehead. Usually, first-time patients do not begin to experience migraine relief for two to three weeks after injecting Botox. There after, however, the effect may increase and last three to four months.

“I don’t use the term ‘miracle’ lightly, ” says Doctor Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, “but for some of my chronic migraine patients, Botox injections are the difference between being bedridden and being able to function. And ‘function’ doesn’t really even begin to describe it; they can now go about their day not having to worry about what might happen, the debilitating migraine that was always just a trigger away from occurring. I can give you the treatment you need for your chronic migraines, and send you on your way in 30 minutes or less.”

In the words of Carol M., an Epione patient, “I started to have severe migraines since I was 14. I had tried every medicine known to man. Then I tried Botox injections; this was approximately four years ago, I have not had a migraine headache in four years.”

Chronic migraines can be painful and uncomfortable. If you’re going to have them treated, of course you’ll want to have it done right. Beverly Hills, California, the City of Beauty, is the right place to have this done and Epione Beverly Hills, a Diamond injector of Botox according to its manufacturer, is the clinic at which to do it.