Aging – New Treatments for Looking Younger

agingCosmetic Dermatologists are very successful at treating the effects of aging. Every year, more efficient tools and products are made available to help them treat sagging skin, sunspots, wrinkles, and much more. Here are eight of the best anti-aging treatments.


Botox is still one of the most efficient ways to treat wrinkles. It works by blocking the nerves that are causing the muscles to contract, allowing the skin to relax. One can start to see the effects of Botox immediately, although it can take several days to get the full results. Botox is not a permanent treatment, so injections are necessary every few months to maintain the same effect.

Turkey Neck

Ultherapy is the first neck tightening procedure that is approved by the FDA. This treatment will tighten the collective issue on the face and stimulate the generation of collagen. Not only will this treatment smooth the skin on one’s neck, it will make the jawline look tighter.

Nose Job

As a youth, one’s nose is small and pointed, but as one gets older it widens and flattens. To look younger, one’s Dermatologist may use a filler to reshape their nose. A small amount of Botox can also be added underneath the nose to make it slimmer and correct small imperfections.


Fraxel is a powerful laser that is used to treat acne, wrinkles, and blemishes. This treatment creates a “burn” that stimulates the skin to naturally produce healthy skin cells and collagen.


Sclerotherapy is a procedure for eliminating leaky blood vessels and spider veins. In the past removing these veins was very painful, but recent advances have made this process much more comfortable and effective. The physician will inject a compound into one’s veins to inflame them, which then causes the body to close and absorb the veins.

Smoothened Earlobes

Sagging earlobes is a very visible sign of aging. Skin naturally begins to sag as the body ages, and women who wear heavy earrings are most likely to have their earlobes droop. To make them smooth, a hyaluronic acid filler is injected into the ear. This effect can last up to a year.

Photodynamic Rejuvenation

Photodynamic rejuvenation was a major breakthrough in the cosmetics industry. Not only does this treatment make patients look more beautiful, studies have also shown that destroys precancerous cells. Doctors often use this procedure to reduce blemishes and sum damage on the arms, legs, and face. When used with a non-ablative fractional laser, it can also reduce pigment clusters on the chest and face.

Trichloracetic Acid (TCA)

This is one of the cheapest and most efficient was to deal with mild hyperpigmentation. TCA peels are best conducted while under a physician’s oversight, but there are also several FDA approved home kits. It takes two weeks to completely recover and the results can last permanently.