Aging – Daily Sunscreen Use Slows the Visible Signs of Aging Skin

sunscreenNo one wants to suffer from premature aging. One of the best ways to slow this process is to apply sunscreen every day. Here is a closer look at how sunscreen can be one of the best skin care products available.

Sunscreen Research

UV rays from the sun can lead to burning and severe sun damage. As these rays build, wrinkles will begin to form. Damage happens at other times aside laying on a beach or by the pool. Simply taking a walk outdoors or playing in the yard can lead to skin damage.

Much research has been done concerning sunscreen and skin’s aging. Australian scientists have conducted a study that followed a set group of people in order to uncover how well sunscreen works to reduce skin aging. The study began by measuring participants’ preexisting wrinkles. After time, research showed that even middle-aged people who applied sunscreen on a regular basis were able to reduce wrinkle formation. After a four-year period of time, those who used sunscreen on a regular basis had more youthful looking hands. Aging for such people was 24 percent lower than with people who did not use sunscreen.

Cosmetic Dermatologist Recommendations

All cosmetic Dermatologists agree that using sunscreen brings many benefits. Aside from lessening the visual signs of aging, sunscreen helps to lower the risks of developing skin cancer. Even in winter months, it is recommended to apply sunscreen to the face and hands. Certain cosmetic companies have recognized the benefits of sunscreen as well. There are now many skin care products that contain both moisturizers and SPF protection.

Cosmetic Dermatologists stress the fact that even small amounts of exposure over numerous years can spell trouble. Most people do not realize how much sun exposure they receive over the course of their day. The average person should go through multiple bottles of sunscreen each year. The message that is being sent is that sunscreen can keep a person healthy and more youthful.

The Truth About Sunscreen

The FDA is making strict rules for the sunscreen market. Broad-spectrum protection must now protect against both ultraviolet B and ultraviolet A rays. UVA rays can deeply penetrate skin and cause burns and wrinkling.

As time goes on, sunscreen products have become better and better. However, even though sunscreen is extremely helpful, nothing is perfect. The best way to avoid skin damage is to stay out of the sun between 10am and 4pm These are the peak hours for UV rays to penetrate the skin. It is also wise to wear protective clothing.

Daily Sunscreen Use

No one wants to look older than they are. The cosmetics industry invests millions of dollars on products that are designed to slow the aging process. One of the best ways to stop wrinkles and retain a youthful appearance is to use sunscreen every day. Scientists have concluded that the sun is responsible for tremendous skin damage. Daily sunscreen application has shown to be helpful at reducing cancer development and increasing a wrinkle free appearance. It is never too late to begin using sunscreen. Even older people may see improvement with time.