Advances in Cellulite Treatments Show Promise

celluliteCellulite is an unsightly thing that affects a majority of today’s women. It is caused by a number of different factors like lack of exercise, poor diet, and simply old age. Toxins and fatty deposits often get trapped in fat cells, pulling on the surface of the skin, creating cellulite. There are many things that women can do in order to combat cellulite. Here are just a few:

Cosmetic Treatments

Women can also opt to have cosmetic surgeries and treatments done in order to have their cellulite reduced. Treatments like liposuction can remove the cellulite cells permanently. Women will then need to undergo lifestyle changes so that the cellulite does not return in the future.

Epione Beverly Hills offers numerous treatments including OptiLipo, and Lipotherapy to combat the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite preventing jeans

With today’s modern technology at hand, there are cellulite preventing jeans on the market. These jeans are big in the celebrity fashion world and have become very popular very fast. The jeans come with a number of products woven into them such as passion fruit oil, shea butter apricot kernel oil, rosehip oil, and monoi de Tahiti. They are made to provide moisture to the legs every time they are worn and, therefore, prevent cellulite from forming. The ingredients only last around 15 days, but customers can buy reloading sprays to help keep the jeans in shape.

Traditional Treatments

Drinking plenty of water will help flush the toxins out of a woman’s body. Women should drink 2 liters or more of water every day. It will help the body function, flush out cellulite, help with circulation, and even increase drainage.

In addition, women who are serious about reducing their cellulite might need to make some lifestyle changes. It helps to drink less alcohol and coffee and reduce the amount of fat a women has in her diet. Regular exercise and a healthy diet also help a great deal.

Body Brushing

Another option is to buy a body bristle brush from the pharmacy. These brushes can be used on the entire body as the woman massages herself with deep, long strokes. It is a good idea to focus on areas that are cellulite heavy like the thighs.

There is no one answer to getting rid of or combating cellulite. Every woman’s body is different and it is harder for some women to keep cellulite at bay than others. These tips can help a woman get on track with a few ideas on how to combat or rid of cellulite. From there, it is a matter of trial and error to find a solution.